Our Team

Marina Kim Co-Founder and Executive Director

Marina’s work in social entrepreneurship dates back over a decade. She started at Stanford University, leading the Future Social Innovators’ Network, the Social Entrepreneurs’ Challenge, and co-founding the university’s first minor in social innovation. Since then, Marina co-founded and leads Ashoka U, working with campuses to embed social innovation as an educational focus and core value of the university culture. Marina’s work has been featured on Social Edge, change.org, in the Chronicle of Higher Education and the New York Times. Marina was named in the Forbes 30 under 30 for Social Entrepreneurship, recognizing her work with Ashoka U.

Erin Krampetz Co-Founder and Community Director

As Community Director, Erin fosters the strategic development and growth of the Ashoka U community of practice with the goal of supporting colleges and universities everywhere to become hubs of social innovation. Before coming to Ashoka in 2008 to help launch Ashoka U, Erin served as Program Director for Escuela Nueva International, a partner of Ashoka Fellow Vicky Colbert, coordinating collaborative partnerships for the global expansion of Escuela Nueva. Prior to Escuela Nueva, Erin evaluated program effectiveness for MobileMetrix, a community-based data collection company in Brazil, and as an Eben Tisdale Fellow, contributed to Hewlett Packard’s Global Citizenship Program. During her undergraduate and graduate studies, Erin participated as a contributing author and researcher for the Stanford Study of Writing, a five-year longitudinal study of college writers. Erin holds a BA in International Relations and an MA in International Educational Administration and Policy Analysis from Stanford University.

Michèle Leaman Changemaker Campus Director

Michèle works with faculty, administrators, and students to change complex institutional systems to become more supportive environments for social entrepreneurship and changemaking. Before joining Ashoka, Michèle spent six months backpacking in India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia. From 2006 to 2009, she worked at the Association of American Colleges and Universities managing Core Commitments, a national initiative promoting students’ development of personal and social responsibility through campus innovations. As a member of the Elon University Research Seminar on Teaching Democratic Thinking (2009-2011), Michèle created What moves you?, a travel curriculum for South and Southeast Asia that explores ethical questions related to global interdependence, and develops empathy skills. Michèle has worked for Siemens and other European corporations in Paris, France and Munich, Germany (where she grew up), and holds a B.A. in philosophy and economics from Messiah College, and a M.A. in philosophy from the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, Canada.

Beeta Ansari Exchange Director

Beeta is Ashoka U’s Exchange Director, a global convening for social entrepreneurship education. Each year, the Exchange brings together hundreds of innovative faculty, students, social entrepreneurs and Ashoka Fellows and arms them with the resources to disseminate and embed social entrepreneurship at their institution. In addition to managing all logistics related to the Exchange, Beeta serves as the main point of contact for all attendees, develops content to be shared and presented at the Exchange, and moderates an online community for participants. In addition to the Exchange, Beeta also manages Ashoka U’s communications and finances. Previously, Beeta worked as a Procurement Manager at a tech startup and tutored students at KIPP Academy in Houston. Beeta graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BS in Economics.

Ramsés Gómez Molina Director, Ashoka U México and Central America

Ramsés is the director of Ashoka U in Ashoka’s Mexico and Central America office. Before coming to Ashoka in 2013, he co-founded and established the first Impact Hub, a global collaborative network of social entrepreneurs, in Mexico. Prior to Impact Hub, Ramses also founded and directed TerraCycle México for two years. He also had experience coordinating the Business Incubator at the Monterrey Institute of Technology. Ramses holds a BA in International Business and a MA in Innovation for Enterprise Development from the Monterrey Institute of Technology.

Rebecca Kagan Outreach Manager

Rebecca recently joined the Ashoka U team and is managing the campus pipeline for the Changemaker Campus program. She also manages social media for Ashoka U and is bringing new creativity to telling stories of changemakers in higher education. Rebecca is a recent graduate of Changemaker Campus Brown University, where she received a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a focus on the nonprofit sector. As an undergraduate student, she worked on several social enterprise startups. In 2009-2010 she helped run Rainwater for Humanity, a startup building rainwater harvesting structures in a village in rural India. She is also a co-founder of the Food Recovery Network, an award-winning student nonprofit fighting food waste on college campuses that has expanded to over 30 chapters nationally within its first two years.

Emily Lamb Exchange Manager

As Exchange Manager, Emily works closely with Beeta and other team members to further develop and mature the annual Exchange conference, a global convening of the premiere movers-and-shakers in social innovation in higher education. Prior to joining the Ashoka U team, supported the growth of The Future Project, a nonprofit with the aim to change the way schools educate young people, in Washington, DC. As an undergraduate student at the University of Kansas, she had the opportunity to direct the campus volunteer center, Center for Community Outreach, and begin transforming a culture of service and service learning to a culture of problem solving and system changing. She graduated in 2012 with a BA in American Studies.