Our Team


Marina Kim Co-Founder and Executive Director

Marina’s work in social entrepreneurship dates back over a decade. She started at Stanford University, leading the Future Social Innovators’ Network, the Social Entrepreneurs’ Challenge, and co-founding the university’s first minor in social innovation. Since then, Marina co-founded and leads Ashoka U, working with campuses to embed social innovation as an educational focus and core value of the university culture. Marina’s work has been featured on Social Edge, change.org, in the Chronicle of Higher Education and the New York Times. Marina was named in the Forbes 30 under 30 for Social Entrepreneurship, recognizing her work with Ashoka U.


Erin Krampetz Co-Founder

As Community Director, Erin fosters the strategic development and growth of the Ashoka U community of practice with the goal of supporting colleges and universities everywhere to become hubs of social innovation. Before coming to Ashoka in 2008 to help launch Ashoka U, Erin served as Program Director for Escuela Nueva International, a partner of Ashoka Fellow Vicky Colbert, coordinating collaborative partnerships for the global expansion of Escuela Nueva. Prior to Escuela Nueva, Erin evaluated program effectiveness for MobileMetrix, a community-based data collection company in Brazil, and as an Eben Tisdale Fellow, contributed to Hewlett Packard’s Global Citizenship Program. During her undergraduate and graduate studies, Erin participated as a contributing author and researcher for the Stanford Study of Writing, a five-year longitudinal study of college writers. Erin holds a BA in International Relations and an MA in International Educational Administration and Policy Analysis from Stanford University.


Beeta Ansari Director, Exchange and Commons

Beeta is Ashoka U’s Exchange Director, a global convening for social entrepreneurship education. Each year, the Exchange brings together hundreds of innovative faculty, students, social entrepreneurs and Ashoka Fellows and arms them with the resources to disseminate and embed social entrepreneurship at their institution. In addition to leading the vision, strategy and execution related to the Exchange, Beeta serves as the main point of contact for speakers, sponsors, strategic partners and media. Beyond the Exchange, Beeta also serves as de facto Director of Operations, leading Ashoka U’s strategic planning processes, budgeting, staffing and assisting with organizational design. Previously, Beeta worked as a Procurement Manager at a high-growth tech startup and tutored students at KIPP Academy in Houston. Beeta graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BS in Economics.


Ramsés Gómez Molina Director, Ashoka U México and Central America

Ramsés is the director of Ashoka U in Ashoka’s Mexico and Central America office. Before coming to Ashoka in 2013, he co-founded and established the first Impact Hub, a global collaborative network of social entrepreneurs, in Mexico. Prior to Impact Hub, Ramses also founded and directed TerraCycle México for two years. He also had experience coordinating the Business Incubator at the Monterrey Institute of Technology. Ramses holds a BA in International Business and a MA in Innovation for Enterprise Development from the Monterrey Institute of Technology.


Rebecca Kagan Changemaker Campus Associate Director

Rebecca is the Changemaker Campus Associate Director at Ashoka U. She originally joined the Ashoka U team in 2013 as an intern working on social media and storytelling, and went on to spend a year managing the campus pipeline for Changemaker Campuses. She then worked with current Changemaker Campuses on Renewal, a process of institutional re-engagement and recommitment to social innovation as a core value.  Rebecca is a graduate of Changemaker Campus Brown University, where she received a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a focus on the nonprofit sector. As an undergraduate student, she worked on several social enterprise startups. In 2009-2010 she helped run Rainwater for Humanity, a startup building rainwater harvesting structures in a village in rural India. She is also a co-founder and Board Member of the Food Recovery Network, an award-winning student nonprofit fighting food waste on college campuses that has expanded to over 100 chapters nationally within its first few years.


Emily Lamb Exchange Manager

Emily joins Ashoka U as the Exchange Manager, playing a key leadership role to ensure the success of Ashoka U’s Exchange, a global convening of the premiere thought leaders and movers-and-shakers in social innovation in higher education. Emily began her work with Ashoka U as an intern and managed the Changemaker Campus Selection Panel and Change Leader Retreat. Prior to joining the Ashoka U team, Emily supported the growth of The Future Project, an Ashoka Fellow organization aiming to reinvigorate how schools educate young people. As an undergraduate student at the University of Kansas, she directed the Center for Community Outreach, leading a team of 30. During her time at KU, Emily took a campus-wide culture of service and service learning and propelled the campus culture to a broader culture of problem solving and systems-changing leadership. She graduated in 2012 with a BA in American Studies.


Scott Fairbanks Commons Manager

As Commons Manager at Ashoka U Scott is responsible for the development of Ashoka U’s newest program, a learning journey for university leaders to hone their strategies for furthering social innovation in particular areas. He previously served as the Campus Partnerships Manager, working with institutions to build social innovation ecosystems across campus. Prior to joining Ashoka U, Scott worked on the Search Team at Ashoka developing new strategies for sourcing top candidates and leading Ashoka’s A*Year program. Scott also Co-Founded a social enterprise startup called Doozy, an interactive life-sized board game. As an undergraduate he studied international business and photography at the University of Southern California, living and working in Panama, China, South Africa, Ghana, Denmark, and Thailand along the way.


Sarah-Marie Hopf Campus Partnerships Manager

As Partnerships Manager at Ashoka U, Sarah-Marie guides campus partners through the transformative Changemaker Campus selection process and helps them hone their strategies for advancing social innovation across the university. She also supports Ashoka U’s global scaling strategy. Sarah-Marie helped to launch and currently advises Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership (DSIL), a field-based executive education course in Southeast Asia in partnership with the UN-Mandated University for Peace, Centre for Executive Education. Previously, Sarah-Marie worked as a project strategist fellow with 17 Triggers, a mix between a marketing agency, design studio, and development consultancy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Prior to her time in Southeast Asia, Sarah-Marie designed and led a new storytelling initiative at Ashoka Changemakers in Washington, DC and worked with Ashoka Germany and Ashoka Globalizer in Berlin, Germany. At Dartmouth College, she researched the cross-cultural translation of human-centered design for her anthropology thesis involving fieldwork with four non-profits and social enterprises in the US, Myanmar, Nepal, and Cambodia. Sarah-Marie also co-founded two ventures to empower the Dartmouth community to address social and environmental problems on-campus and with the local community. Raised and educated between Germany, France, and the US, Sarah-Marie graduated summa cum laude from Dartmouth with a BA in Anthropology modified with Economics and Development Studies.


Hattie Duplechain Knowledge Curator

As Knowledge Curator at Ashoka U, Hattie leads the effort to utilize research to contribute to the developments of the Commons and Ashoka U knowledge products. … Hattie joined the Ashoka U team in 2015 as an intern, focused on streamlining data collection practices, data analysis, and also assisting with program design. Before joining Ashoka U, Hattie was a 2010-2011 U.S. Fulbright grantee to Nepal, where she taught English and facilitated programming around student centered learning. She returned to the United States to spend three years working in the classroom, most recently as the founding 5th grade math teacher a first year charter school in Nashville, Tennessee. Hattie was also a Fellow with a social enterprise called Vittana, which provided microfinance services to facilitate access to higher education. Her work at Vittana was based in Ghana and focused on impact evaluation and loan product design. Hattie graduated from Clemson University in 2010 with dual BAs in English and Communication. She is now pursuing her M.Ed. in International Education Policy and Management at Vanderbilt University.