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It’s time for new alliances: Discover HVCs

Douglas Cohen, leader of the Inspired Futures Campaign, speaking on the Emerging Social Profit Economy at Harvard's Igniting Innovation conference

The belief that one must choose between doing good and making money is widespread but outdated. To show how entrepreneurs can turn a profit to save the world, Michael Zakaras, former Ashoka staff member, presented on an emerging framework called Hybrid Value Chains at Harvard’s Igniting Innovation conference this Saturday.

Hybrid Value Chains (HVCs) are partnerships between the business and social sector that utilize the unique strengths of each. HVCs have tremendous potential to both unlock billion-dollar markets and greatly improve the livelihoods and living conditions of millions.

Read more about HVCs on Ashoka’s Full Economic Citizenship site. For an excellent introduction to HVCs accompanied by powerful examples, download Bill Drayton’s article in the current Harvard Business Review.

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