During the Selection process, Candidate Campuses can expect to benefit from:

STRATEGIC ADVISING: Throughout the entire selection process, Ashoka U staff members provide advising and recommendations of how to grow the social innovation and changemaking ecosystem at their institution, based on experience working with over 150 colleges and universities around the world.

NETWORK CONNECTIONS AND EXPERTISE: The selection process is designed around sharing expertise and network connections from the Ashoka and Ashoka U network, including access to expert “Change Leaders” from other Changemaker Campuses and global Ashoka staff on the Site Visit and throughout the process.

INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE AND STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT: Throughout the selection process, the Candidate Campus will assemble a diverse, institutional “Change Team” which involves stakeholders from across the institution. This group will develop a collective vision and strategy for how to advance social innovation and changemaking at the institution.

As part of the Changemaker Campus Network, Change Leaders and institutions can benefit from:

POSITIONING AS AN INSTITUTIONAL LEADER: Take advantage of an emerging trend and distinguish your university as a leader in the field of social innovation in higher education, along with others in the Changemaker Campus Network.

PROMOTION AS A THOUGHT LEADER: Be promoted as a thought leader in the field of social innovation education through writing and speaking opportunities, as well as through promotion at the Exchange, the global convening of 650 social innovation educators from 150 institutions across 40 countries.

PEER LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: Learn from other innovative leaders in higher education at the annual Change Leader Retreat, on Site Visits, or as a Selection Panelist for Candidate Campuses. Collaborate on social innovation and changemaking projects, classes, white papers, and more.

“Today’s cohort of students is as socially engaged and ready to get to work as any in a generation. Unfortunately, this remarkable group of young people is about to walk into a job market as dismal as any in three generations. As educators we have an over-riding responsibility right now–truly more than ever–to prepare our students to create their own opportunities; to build their own future; to be leaders in a changing world. The Ashoka Changemaker Campus initiative has provided me and my student and faculty teammates with an exceptional opportunity to work toward delivering on that responsibility.”

Philip Auerswald, Founder, Innovations Journal & Professor, George Mason University