Selection Process


Changemaker Campus Selection identifies and nurtures institutions with a track record of excellence in social innovation education who seek to further build their social innovation ecosystem and envision their role in transforming higher education.

Our Candidate Campuses are diverse institutions who:

  1. Represent higher education globally;
  2. Model campus-wide excellence in social innovation; and
  3. Are committed to transforming the field of higher education through collaboration and thought leadership.

To receive the Changemaker Campus designation and join the Changemaker Campus Network, Candidate Campuses move through a 1-2 year institutional transformation and evaluation process and demonstrate that they meet the Changemaker Campus criteria. The process is designed to help pioneering and advanced institutions embed social innovation campus-wide into institutional operations, programs, and culture as a core value.


Ashoka U has derived the Changemaker Campus criteria from working with dozens of institutions aiming to grow and strengthen their social innovation ecosystems. The criteria seek to guide institutions as they embrace social innovation and changemaking as both an educational offering for students and as a framework for re-envisioning the role of the university itself.

We have found that conditions for successful institutional change include the following five areas:

1. Committed Leaders:

Change Leaders – one to four entrepreneurial campus leaders with the vision and skills to drive forward the strategy and engage a team to advance social innovation campus-wide;

Change Team Members – a passionate and competent team with campus-wide representation from faculty, administration, student affairs, community stakeholders, and students

2. Institutional Alignment and Buy-In – a university community, from senior leadership to students, committed to building a culture of changemaking across campus

3. Social Innovation Offerings and Community Engagement – curricular and co-curricular programming and research in social innovation and changemaking; meaningful engagement and initiatives with local and global community partners

4. Vision and Action Plan – a clear vision and 3-year action plan for advancing institutional change and building in plans for institutional longevity

5. Unique Contribution – a new contribution to social innovation education and commitment to transform higher education

For more information, see Changemaker Campus Criteria Sheet (include link).

Selection Process

The Changemaker Campus Selection Process is designed to help institutions break down barriers to institutional change, hone their strategies for advancing social innovation across the institution, and become leaders in the field of social innovation in higher education. It brings together stakeholders across the institution to craft a vision and action plan for social innovation, while providing constructive feedback, recommendations, connections, and comparative institutional case studies.

The process consists of three phases:

Phase 1 – 360° Campus Scan: The 360° Campus Scan maps social innovation activities across the institution. Through interviews, meetings, forms, and analysis, it convenes a team of stakeholders—students, faculty, and staff—who are advancing social at their institution, and helps them build out a cohesive vision and action plan.

Cost: $4,000

Phase 2 – Site Visit: Up to two Ashoka staff and a visiting Change Leader from a current Changemaker Campus conduct a two day Site Visit. They meet with students, faculty, and staff, as well as the President or Provost, offering advice and learning about the state of social innovation at the institution.

Cost: $6,000 + travel/accommodations

Phase 3 – Selection Panel: Representatives from each Candidate Campus participate in a day-long series of interviews with expert panelists— including current Change Leaders, Ashoka fellows, and social entrepreneurs— who determine whether the campus becomes a Changemaker Campus.

Cost: $10,000

Please note: Institutions only move on to the next phase if the current phase has been sufficiently satisfied.

To learn more about starting the Selection Process:

  • Review the Changemaker Campus Selection Overview (include link).
  • Nominate an institution through this short form (include link).

For any questions, please feel free to contact Sarah-Marie Hopf, Campus Partnerships Manager at


Renewal is a process for current Changemaker Campuses to formally re-commit as an institution to social innovation as a core value. Occurring every four years, Renewal ensures that campuses in the Changemaker Campus network continue to be at the forefront of social innovation education in higher education.

The process is also designed to allow campuses in the network  to build stronger partnerships and connections for field level contribution to social innovation education.


The Renewal process includes a launch event, a Site Visit and a Renewal Panel.

Phase 1 – Launch Event: During the launch event, cohort of Change Leaders from participating campuses meet together in person, sharing institutional challenges, successes and set goals for the Renewal process.

Phase 2 – Site Visit: Each institution then hosts a Site Visit for a Change Leader from another Renewal Institution, an Ashoka U staff person and an additional representative. After the visit, the team collectively drafts a letter to the President and Provost of the institution detailing recommended next steps before the institution can be renewed.

Phase 3 – Renewal Panel: The final step in the process is a panel, where external experts interview representatives from the institution and collectively determine whether the institution should remain a Changemaker Campus.

Changemaker Campuses must be renewed every four years. A qualifying event such as a leadership change may make it necessary for an institution to begin Renewal sooner.  The cost for renewal is $10,000, excluding associated travel and accommodation costs.

For more information: Nimesh Ghimire –

“The Ashoka U team is a godsend! They came, listened intently, connected with each participant, and still maintained a professional demeanor. Allies across campus shone brighter. Potential allies leaned in. Naysayers were met with compassion, empathy and well-articulated answers.”

Anonymous Changemaker Campus Participant

“This [Changemaker Campus Selection] process itself was extremely valuable! Ashoka U helped shape our experience by offering markers and evaluation tools. It was not only an opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses, but also to identify areas to focus on.”

Anonymous Changemaker Campus Participant

“I really appreciate the support and feedback that Ashoka gave us during this process.They were always very accessible and interested. It felt like a conversation among friends, without hierarchical complications or expectations. I appreciate that standards were clearly communicated and facilitated.”

Anonymous Changemaker Campus Participant