Present or Facilitate at the 2019 Exchange

Apply to be on the agenda or apply to facilitate a session during the 2019 Ashoka U Exchange.

Nearly 75% of the agenda is proposed by participants and features more than 125 speakers sharing their best practices and  lessons learned in efforts to transform higher education into a tool for social change and impact.

Whether you’re a longtime presenter or are new to the Ashoka U community and have never presented at the Exchange before, we encourage you to submit a session proposal.

Applications are due September 26, 2018 at 6:00pm PT.

We will notify applicants of their submission status on October 15, 2018.

Developing & Submitting a Proposal

Please use the following resources to prepare your presentation and/or facilitator application.

See our Presenter & Facilitator Guide, with full session type descriptions & suggested topics

Preview 2019 Ashoka U Exchange Presenter Application Questions

Preview 2019 Ashoka U Exchange Facilitator Application Questions

Take a look at last years agenda, 2018 – Babson College; Boston Massachusetts

Session Formats & Facilitation Opportunities

You can apply for a variety of session formats on the agenda, with several presenters and facilitator roles. See below for more details. Please note that you can only apply for one.

Session Formats

  • Best Practice Presentations – 75-minute sessions | 2-4 presenters & 1 facilitator | 20-50 attendees
  • Big Idea Talks – 10-12-minute talks | 1 presenter | 20-50 attendees
  • Community Lunches – 60-minute sessions | 1 conversation host | 10-12 attendees
  • Workshops – 75 or 180-minute sessions | 1-2 presenters | 20-50 attendees

Facilitation Opportunities

  • Best Practice Facilitator – 75-minute sessions | 2-4 presenters & 1 facilitator | 20-50 attendees
  • Big Idea Talk Emcee – 10-12-minute talks | 1 presenter | 20-50 attendees
  • Peer Huddle Host – 2-3 meetings during the Exchange | 6-8 people per group

Best Practice Content Areas

The Best Practice sessions will be organized into content areas, ensuring a variety of perspectives and experiences are represented on the agenda:

  • Student Engagement
  • Co-Curricular Offerings
  • Teaching, Courses, & Course Sequences
  • Community Engagement
  • Cross-Sector Collaboration
  • Institutional Strategy
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Well-being
  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Other

Learn more about the Content Areas here: Presenter & Facilitator Guide.

Proposal Review Criteria

Please consider the following questions as you submit your application. We will keep these questions in mind when reviewing submissions:

  • Is the proposal content of current interest or on an emerging topic?
  • Do the session designer and speaker(s) have expertise on this topic?
  • Does this proposal support Ashoka U’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion?
  • Has the proposal content been implemented?
  • Is the proposal an innovative solution, or does it offer a fresh treatment?
  • Does the proposal address or support solving significant problems in higher education?
  • Are the learning objectives clearly defined so that the audience knows what they’re leaving with?

Questions? Contact Luciana Goles,