Social Innovation at Illinois & iVenture Accelerator

University of Illinois’ social innovation initiative that aspires to holistically develop students into critical leaders in social innovation through a rigorous two-year, three stage curricular and co-curricular pipeline for social venturing. In the first stage, a semester-long course, students gain understanding of entrepreneurial methods while working in diverse teams to create a venture plan that […]

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Spring 2016_WatsonU Scholars at Chautauqua

Watson University

Watson, located in Boulder, Colorado, provides a refreshed model of higher education that focuses specifically on teaching leadership skills necessary for the next generation of global leaders. The curriculum includes short master courses from the world’s foremost leaders, entrepreneurs, and thinkers (including a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, one of Time Magazine s 100 […]

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Tulane City Center

Tulane City Center

Tulane City Center (TCC) is the community design center of Tulane School of Architecture at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. TCC’s work is grounded in the belief that all citizens are impacted by the built environment and have the right to participate in the decisions that shape it. Each project at TCC begins as […]

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Center for Transformative Action

Center for Transformative Action

Center for Transformative Action (CTA) at Cornell University provides a safe, supportive infrastructure for growth, learning and development of  new and up-and-coming nonprofits. Here budding social entrepreneurs can to focus on testing innovative approaches to difficult social problems, establishing a viable financial model, and building organizational and programmatic capacity. While business advice and mentorship are valuable […]

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Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI)

The Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI), housed within the Buffett Institute for Global Studies at Northwestern University, is an innovative study abroad program that focuses on collaborative efforts and ethical, sustainable community driven change. The program aims to equip undergraduate students with critical perspectives, tools, and experiences to confront shared global challenges.   The program combines rigorous […]

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From left to right: Sara Herald, Pammi Bhullar, Kimberlee Robertella Glinka, Ryan Steinbach Nonprofit Consulting Program

In 2009, (CTW) nonprofit consulting program was created by the Center for Social Value Creation (CSVC) in the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, in partnership with aimes to strengthen the capacity and business acumen of nonprofits while empowering students to apply classroom concepts to positively impact society. With […]

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Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub

The Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub (CCS iHub) aims to build the social entrepreneurship community in British Columbia, Canada and more broadly across Canada. Within this framing, CCS iHub is a one-year accelerator program for high potential social ventures to amplify their social impact at the Sauder School of Business at University of British Columbia. The CCS iHub offers […]

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Sustainable City Year Program (SCYP)

In 2009, the University of Oregon pioneered a radically simple effort called the Sustainable City Year Program (SCYP) based around a yearlong partnership between a university and a city. With this partnership, existing courses spread across a university then are directed towards that city’s self identified ‘real-world’ sustainability and livability projects and plans. The scale of annual engagement […]

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Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD)

Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD) is an interdisciplinary development lab for scaling innovations in global health. Working in partnership with USAID, SEAD mobilizes a community of faculty, staff, and students from across Duke—in collaboration with practitioners, investors, and policymakers—to identify, assess, build capacity, develop resources, and scale the impact of innovative solutions, technologies, and business models for […]

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Sustainability and Social Innovation Residential Academic Program (SSI RAP)

The Social Innovation and Sustainability Residential Academic Program (SSI RAP) at the University of Colorado Boulder was established in 2010 to provide an engaging academic and social environment for freshmen students living in the residential hall who want to solve complex problems that confront us. Students in the “SSI RAP” take two cornerstone courses in […]

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Swearer Sparks and Storytellers for Good

Swearer Sparks is a website that provides a space for Brown University’s social innovation community to connect with one another and share ideas, experiences, and beliefs through the power of digital storytelling. As a user of Swearer Sparks, one can access 200+ stories created by Brown storytellers and changemakers; 85+ profiles of students and alumni exploring social […]

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Social Innovation Fellowship & Leading Social Ventures course

The Social Innovation (SI) Fellowship provides 15-20 students with up to $4,000 to grow a social venture over the summer, supported by a year of intensive skills training, mentoring, and a community of social entrepreneurs on campus. Fellows are either launching an entrepreneurial venture or working on an intrapreneurial project within an existing enterprise. Leading […]

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Center for Design Practice, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

The Center for Design Practice (CDP) was established at MICA by Mike Weikert in 2007 to demonstrate a new approach to social design education based upon a philosophy of praxis – combining action and reflection. CDP is now a multi-disciplinary, social innovation studio dedicated to preparing the next generation of creative changemakers. CDP brings MICA […]

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Echoing Green’s Work on Purpose

Echoing Green’s Work on Purpose program helps emerging professionals identify their purpose and put it into action, creating lives and careers that are both right for them and good for the world. Throughout our 26 year history, Echoing Green has performed hundreds of in-depth interviews with our world-changing social entrepreneurship Fellows— from the founder of […]

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CityStudio Vancouver

CityStudio Vancouver is an energetic hub of learning and leadership inside City Hall where students gain hands-on experience with complex real world problems, while co-creating solutions on the ground with City staff. CityStudio takes students out of the university environment to design and construct on-the-ground projects in order to solve the city’s problems. Employing an […]

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Emzingo NexGen Fellowship

Emzingo has created an applied learning model through its NexGen Fellowship program, by combining innovative leadership training with social impact consulting projects in emerging markets. Participants, who are graduate students from top business schools in the US and Europe, travel to South Africa or Peru to work on these consulting projects while developing themselves through […]

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MiddCORE Middlebury’s Leadership and Innovation Program

Middlebury’s MiddCORE is a mentor-driven, experiential learning program designed to build skills, create opportunities, and expand networks for tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. One person with an idea, even with a great idea, changes nothing. Visionaries succeed with leadership skills, communications skills, and entrepreneurial insights. Building those skills and insights is the CORE of MiddCORE. Skills […]

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More than Money Careers

Instead of replacing career centers, the More Than Money Careers online modules make career centers as effective with impact-driven students as they are with students interested in more traditional career paths. The modules engage students in going from intention to action as they take steps to get clear, get connected, and get hired for jobs that maximize impact and income.

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Global Citizen Year

Global Citizen Year provides a world-class “bridge year” experience to high school graduates from diverse backgrounds who exhibit exceptional leadership potential.

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Design for America

Design for America (DFA) is an award-winning nationwide network of interdisciplinary student teams and community members using design to create local and social impact. We teach human centered design to young adults and collaborating community partners through extra-curricular, university based, student led design studios tackling national challenges in Education, Health, Economy and Environment.

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Frontier Market Scouts

The Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) fellowship program turns compassionate and capable young professionals into talent scouts and investment managers serving local entrepreneurs and social-minded investors in low-income and capital-weak regions of the world.

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Changemaker Central

Changemaker Central is a student-led university-based initiative with co-working spaces at all four Arizona State University (ASU) campuses. Changemaker Central supports students in community service, entrepreneurship, service learning, and high impact careers.

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Lend for America

Lend for America introduces students to microfinance and equips them with the skills, know-how, and confidence necessary to help underserved Americans start businesses and improve their economic wellbeing.

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Berkeley Microfinance Online Course

The Microfinance Simulcast is an innovative online course which has expanded to more than 75 universities over the past four years that teaches graduate students how to use microfinance to profitably get people out of poverty.

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ALTIS Joint Venture MBA

The ALTIS Joint Venture is a social entrepreneurship MBA program that provides students from more than a dozen countries in Africa with the opportunity to use their management discipline knowledge to create a robust business plan that they present to partners and investors in Nairobi, Kenya for potential launch.  

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ThinkImpact immerses American students in rural South Africa where they develop authentic relationships with local community members and engage in qualitative research and exploration, driving experiential learning through empathy, curiosity, and open-mindedness and uncovering the potential of social entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Tulane Urban Innovation Challenge

The Urban Innovation Challenge provides Tulane University’s resources to fellows who have ideas to solve social challenges relating to urban revitalization, public education, healthcare, and economic development that are problems relevant not only in New Orleans, but all urban areas.

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Enterprising Leadership Initiative

The Enterprising Leadership Initiative, or ELI, guides students through the Social Entrepreneurship in Action course to develop the social entrepreneurship skills needed to become change agents and lead social ventures that benefit Duke and Durham communities. 

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University Innovation Fellowship

The University Innovation Fellowship recruits career policy-makers, analysts, researchers, writers, and leaders to create a cultural revolution both on campus and in the city of Phoenix by looking at ways to drive positive economic and social change.

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SE Action Learning Project

The Social Entrepreneurs Action Learning Program engages recent Babson alumni who are emerging social entrepreneurs to “pay it forward” to the next cohort of Babson’s Lewis Institute for Social Innovation and highlight areas to improve the curricular and co-curricular activities based on their experience of having a successful entrepreneur career launches.

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Global Consulting Practicum

The Global Consulting Practicum in Social Entrepreneurship is a course for Duke MBA students to receive coaching from faculty and staff who manage relationships with client organizations that students actively engage with as part of their academic program.

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Students for Social Entrepreneurship  

The Students for Social Entrepreneurship on-campus internship program provides teams of students with the opportunity to apprentice under leaders in social entrepreneurship to develop key entrepreneurial skills through collaboration and experiential, team-learning projects.

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Transformative Action Institute

The Transformative Action Institute (TAI) curriculum provides the frameworks necessary to instill the qualities of resilience, creativity, and social and emotional intelligence that are crucial for students to become successful social entrepreneurs. 

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Edun Live on Campus

Edun Live on Campus is a socially conscious clothing company founded and run by Miami University students that provides employment opportunities in Sub-Saharan African countries by sourcing T-shirts that are 100% made in Africa.

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Center for MicroConsignment

The MicroConsignment Model at the University of Miami is an emerging social entrepreneurship model that aims to not only advance social change by aligning the resources of the university with local entrepreneurs and practitioners but also to elevate the quality of the academic field of social entrepreneurship.

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