Boston College Changemaker Campus

Boston College is rooted in the Jesuit ideal of the “… pursuit of a just society,” and has as a primary mission to foster “the rigorous intellectual development…of its undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in order to prepare them for citizenship, service and leadership in global society.” Being a Changemaker Campus aligns with these ideals and the goals of the university. Social innovation activities are happening across the Boston College campus including a range of research, teaching, and student life events. The campus has rich resources to support social innovation activities and many opportunities to engage students in this dialogue. These activities are structured across five key areas: Centers, Course, Events and Student Life, Research, and Resources.

Social Innovation Lab

The Social Innovation Lab at Boston College helps social service organizations apply design thinking to social problems. The Lab is a guided learning experience, and is structured as a series of fast-paced interactions that result in the development and refinement of a solution prototype. At the end of the Lab, the participating agencies have pilot tested at least one core element of their innovation prototypes. The Social Innovation Lab at Boston college has two goals. First, The Lab helps the participating agencies strengthen their capacity for social innovation so that they can engage in other social innovation initiatives after the Lab experience has been completed. Secondly, the Lab trains students who are enrolled in a graduate course on social intrapreneurship to work as student consultants with the participating agencies. This capstone course helps students to apply the knowledge and competencies that they have developed in other courses, such as the social innovation course, to the Lab projects.

Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Co-Director Center for Social Innovation at BC, Director Sloan Center on Aging & Work at BC

Stephanie Berzin, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Co-Director Center for Social Innovation at BC, Co-Chair Macro-SIL at the Graduate School of Social Work

Joe Burns Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic, Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculties

Tiziana Dearing Associate Professor of Macro Practice Co-Chair of Macro-SIL

Crystal Tiala Associate Professor, Theater Department Chair, Arts and Social Responsibility Project

Sandra Waddock Professor and Galligan Chair of Strategy, Carroll School of Management

Fr. James M. Weiss Associate Professor, Theology Director, Capstone Program

Changemaker Campus

Launched in 2008, Ashoka offers the Changemaker Campus designation to leading institutions in social innovation education. These institutions share the vision for higher education to become the next global driver of social change by transforming the educational experience into a world-changing experience.