CQUniversity Changemaker Campus

At CQUniversity, social innovation is at the core of our strategic vision and for many years has been entrenched in our core values. CQUniversity strives to empower its staff and students to make a difference, create an impact and influence the world in which we live, for the betterment of society.

CQUniversity does not expect every student to become a social entrepreneur, instead our goal is to equip them with skills and knowledge, so that they can realise their potential when it comes to creating change – no matter how big or small this may be.

CQUniversity does this through the design of its programs, the delivery of learning and teaching (including online program delivery), work integrated learning opportunities, global study tours, and engagement with industry and community and government – all of which inform our approach to teaching and research.

For any further information about social innovation at CQUniversity all general correspondence should be directed to socialinnovation@cqu.edu.au

Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation

CQUniversity’s Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation has been developed to provide students with a deep understanding of the principles of social innovation. As part of this program students will be equipped with the knowledge to identify social issues and develop plans and practices for social change in a sustainable and scalable manner.

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Social Innovation Studio

Each year, the Office of Social Innovation in partnership with the CQUniversity Gladstone campus, delivers a social innovation studio or incubator enabling students to engage in social innovation projects with the local Gladstone community. The residential project sees students participate in an 8-day immersive project, giving them the opportunity to learn in situ.

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Professor Pierre Viljoen Deputy Vice-Chancellor Engagement & Campuses

As the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Engagement and Campuses Division, Professor Viljoen leads the University’s engagement agenda in pursuit of its interests and strategic priorities. Professor Viljoen has executive responsibility for the 12 Associate Vice-Chancellors, the Engagement Office, and, as of 2016, Social Innovation and the Office of Indigenous Engagement. His role extends across the University’s extensive geographical footprint and his aim is to engage with and support a broad range of communities. Professor Viljoen is also the Associate Vice-Chancellor responsible for the Mackay-Whitsunday region, specifically overseeing localised engagement and social innovation, growth, development, student experience and campus culture across the region’s two sites. Professor Viljoen moved to Gladstone from South Africa in 2006 where he initially served as Head of Campus for three years before commencing the dual role of leading the Mackay campus and the engagement agenda from 2010. Professor Viljoen was appointed in his current role as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement, Campuses and Mackay–Whitsunday Region) in July 2014. He serves on a variety of internal and external boards, locally and nationally, including Ministerial appointments to the Boards of the Mackay Hospital Foundation and Regional Development Australia. He holds a doctorate degree in Industrial Psychology, has a passion for organisational development, and is highly committed to using CQUniversity as a vehicle to support the development of sustainable communities.

Lara Carton Associate Vice-Chancellor & Director Social Innovation

Lara Carton is the Associate Vice-Chancellor of the Victoria Region and Director Social Innovation. As Director Social Innovation, Lara is responsible for overseeing the Office of Social Innovation and ensuring that the University delivers on its commitment to introduce all of the University’s students to social innovation, and to work with the communities served by the University to address social issues. As Associate Vice-Chancellor she is responsible for the management of the vibrant, city centre campus in Melbourne which is home to students from around the world.  As Associate Vice-Chancellor, Lara is keen to ensure that the predominantly international student cohort in Victoria, benefit from everything that Victoria can offer in the form of career and volunteering opportunities, social activities and exposure to a range of diverse cultural experiences. In her role, Lara works closely with local and state government, industry leaders and alumni to further the opportunities for the University and students in the region. Lara has worked in the Education sector for ten year. She previously worked in Local and State Government before a lengthy period managing branding and design consulting companies. Contact: l.carton@cqu.edu.au PH: +61 3 9616 0524

Changemaker Campus

Launched in 2008, Ashoka offers the Changemaker Campus designation to leading institutions in social innovation education. These institutions share the vision for higher education to become the next global driver of social change by transforming the educational experience into a world-changing experience.