The University of Northampton Changemaker Campus

Based in the heart of England and only a short journey from London, Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge, the University of Northampton offers our students an outstanding academic experience. At the heart of all that we do and offer is our commitment to transforming lives and inspiring change. Driving this commitment to transforming and changing the world around us is the 2010-2105 ‘Raising the Bar’ institutional strategy to be Number 1 at social enterprise in the UK; offering our 14,000 students the opportunity to explore and experience social entrepreneurship in action. This is delivered by the Changemaker Campus team, coupled to a unique national enterprise start-up and growth infrastructure in Inspire2Enteprise. 14,000 students exploring and solving social problems is creating the UK’s largest social innovation funnel.

Changemaker Certificate

The University of Northampton Changemaker Certificate is a co-curriculum study and activity programme available to all students and alumni of the University. Students can register at any time during their studies and work on any venture focused on social change or innovation alongside their degree programme. They will be supported to deliver these ventures and will graduate with bronze, silver or gold Changemaker Certificates demonstrating their enhanced employability. Accompanying the certificate programme is a free and publically available resource centre curating the best social innovation and entrepreneurship case material and examples.

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Social Venture Builder

The Social Venture Builder (SVB) is the University of Northampton’s flagship post graduate programme in social innovation. All students enter the programme with venture they want to grow, and the process they go through enables them to not only access new markets and investment opportunities, it also develops the innovators skills to achieve a Masters Social Innovation. Unique within the UK, the SVB addresses the barriers to entering post graduate education by not charging a fee up front, accrediting work based learning, providing access to high quality online learning resources, and linking students to mentors and business advice so that their learning is student focused and their venture development happens in real time. The SVB builds upon the Changemaker Certificate offer by providing a Platinum and Diamond certificate in recognition of their achievement at post-graduate level.

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Planet Too

The University of Northampton Students’ Union has developed PLANET TOO (P2), a student-led programme that will deliver seven distinct interventions designed to transform thinking and behaviours around sustainable development and sustainable business ethics at the University of Northampton. The programme will be delivered in partnership with the University’s Sustainability and Accommodation departments as well as the Enterprise Club, two of the University’s Schools and the Changemaker Campus project. P2 will uniquely fund a 2 year MPhil studentship, supervised by the UN Department of Environmental and Geographical Science, to design and deliver the monitoring and evaluation programme. It will also part-fund a student placement opportunity for a recent Marketing graduate. It targets private and community student housing, aiming to reduce the impact on the environment of unnecessary energy consumption.

Tim Curtis Senior Lecturer, Community Development & Changemaker Campus leader

My unique blend of environmental law and community activism over the last 20 years has culminated in a passion for tackling the right problems in the right way. So many social problems are only partially solved by poorly thought through projects and initiatives, mostly only tackling a bit of the problem. Social issues are not simple, and don’t have simple answers. I would love that all our graduating students have the skills and confidence to tackle social problems by asking the smart questions, understanding the problems from the point of view of those most in need and being stubborn enough not to be fobbed off by easy answers.

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Wray Irwin Head of the University Centre for Employability and Engagement

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Dr. Sue Allen Changemaker Campus academic project lead

Changemaker Campus

Launched in 2008, Ashoka offers the Changemaker Campus designation to leading institutions in social innovation education. These institutions share the vision for higher education to become the next global driver of social change by transforming the educational experience into a world-changing experience.