Universidad del Desarrollo Changemaker Campus

UDD is a private university founded in 1990 by a group of six changemaking entrepreneurs committed to the development of Chile. UDD started its first campus in Concepción, a city where poverty and education were big challenges at the time. Since its founding, UDD sought to educate new kinds of professionals for Chile, entrepreneurial spirits with a unique value proposition for the community and a strong commitment to the public good.  Three signature values, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Public Responsibility and Ethics, serve as the backbone of UDD’s educational project, and have remained strong since the university’s founding.

The university is committed to being a leader around these signature values, with all initiatives reporting on how they are advancing them. UDD also allocates resources and has designed its organizational structure around promoting its signature values. For example, the Vice Presidency for Innovation and Development promotes these matters across the institution. The Direction of Public Responsibility was created to promote Social Innovation within UDD, and across Chile and Latin America.

UDD is a different kind of university, embracing start-up logic, a pro-entrepreneurship culture, an obsession for change and innovation, and a clear focus on students. The university is helping to spread these ideas and aims to mobilize the Latin American higher education system.

UDD Futuro (formerly UDD 2025)

New educational project that was born to create a new experience of education with one main goal: update education to achieve the present (and future) needs of the world. It's based on four components: Innovation, Public Responsibility, Globalization and Interdisciplinarity. This innovative curriculum opens labs for challenges, promotes interdisciplinarity and reduces the regular academic load to 80%, opening the remaining 20% of the load to four tracks. One of these tracks is Public Responsibility (open to all students). Students are able to choose from an offer of curricular and co-curricular credits.


Interdisciplinary program for senior students from Engineering, Business & Economics, Design, Communications and Architecture. Students learn different tools and methodologies in order to solve real social issues and prototype a solution. This selected group of students dedicates 100% of its time to this program. The program is provided by iCubo UDD (Innovation Interdisciplinary Institute UDD).

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Social Innovation Institute UDD-FMK

Created in 2012, the institute was founded as a joint venture between UDD and Fundación Miguel Kast. It is in charge of management of knowledge, project management, dissemination, development and assessment in social innovation/entrepreneurship.

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Semana i

Curricular program based on 3-day challenges for students (100% dedication), which are proposed by teachers and external organizations, that aims to strengthen the development of competencies through interdisciplinarity and collaboration. 80% of the challenges presented address social issues. The program replicates Tecnológico de Monterrey's experience.

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Cristián Figueroa Director of Public Responsibility and Social Innovation

Cristián Figueroa arrived at UDD in 2015 to lead the Institute for Social Innovation and the Changemaker Campus process. His main goal is to reinforce the ecosystem of Public Responsibility at UDD and in Chile, through articulation, collaboration and communication between the main stakeholders. Cristian holds a Bachelor in Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a Master in Public Administration from Columbia University. Previously he worked in the Ministry of Social Development and currently is the Director of Public Responsibility and Social Innovation at UDD. He also has a consulting firm that measures the impact of social programs.

Carlos Varela Director of Program Development

Carlos Varela holds a Bachelor in Engineering from UDD and a MSc in Engineering Management Systems from Columbia University. Previously he was the Director of Innovation in the Engineering School and currently works as the Director of Program Development in the Vice Presidency of Innovation and Development at UDD.

Macarena Bollmann Director of Extradisciplinary Education

Macarena Bollmann is the Director of Extradisciplinary Education at UDD. Her main goal is to reinforce the academic offer where every course and activity reports to UDD’s signature values. Today she has the challenge of merging extracurricular activities (ventures, voluntary service, seminars) into every student’s curriculum. Macarena holds a Bachelor in Primary Education from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a Master in Quality Educational Management at Universidad de los Andes. She worked at Cumbres School as the Director of Pre-School.

Sergio Majluf Vice Dean of Design

Sergio Majluf holds a Bachelor in Design from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a Master in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU. He was the Director of the School of Interactive Design for four years and currently is the Vice Dean of the School of Design at UDD.

Cristián Larroulet VP of Graduate and Continuing Education

Florencia Jofré VP of Undergraduate

Francisca Vargas Public Responsibility Coordinator

Agustín Riesco UDD Alum, Social Entrepreneur

Valentina Belmar President of UDD Student Federation (FEUDD)

Sebastián Aruta Student / Coordinator of Social Innovation in Concepción

Juan Manuel Masferrer Director of the Students Affair Office

María Paz Mina Director of Alumni

Changemaker Campus

Launched in 2008, Ashoka offers the Changemaker Campus designation to leading institutions in social innovation education. These institutions share the vision for higher education to become the next global driver of social change by transforming the educational experience into a world-changing experience.