Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla Changemaker Campus

UPAEP is a private Catholic University located in Puebla, Mexico. We have more than 13,000 students in our high school, undergraduate and graduate levels. We ensure social commitment and entrepreneurial formation of social leaders with: Our unique Comprehensive Humanistic Development program, an innovative way to carry out Social Service in which students will be able to launch social ventures searching for the Common Good. Our Entrepreneurial program offers an exit path for social leaders and it is integrated with our incubator. We promote positive actions to improve social conditions in our neighborhood. UPAEP is a Changemaker Campus because we understand and criticize the status quo, propose innovative solutions, create social mobility and hopes for many; because UPAEP creates currents of thought and forms leaders that transform society.

Apuesta de Futuro4

Bet for the Future Program

Offers scholarships to rural and indigenous student leaders. One of the main purpose of the program is to give these leader students the opportunity to study and applied their knowledge into their communities. We are very pleased to inform that we have outstanding results. We have opened two medical units, three NGOs that work with local artisans and women and a center to prevent violence for women and children, learning through game to kids by teaching values like team work, empathy, translations of webpages to natural dialect and newly graduates that are working in international nonprofits that are attending different social topics.

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Barrio de Santiago & its surroundings

Being a community that manages and promotes positive actions to improve social conditions to encourage the economic development, progress and well-being at Barrio de Santiago & its surroundings. We have improved quality of life of local habitants by identifying their needs and promoting different activities that support our: social strategy, social cohesion & entertainment, cultural strategy and urban strategy. We have achieved this through research, the improvement of the urban image and services for the communities through our students.

Social Service as Social Entrepreneur

Mexico has a mandatory social service graduation requirement for all University students, at UPAEP we designed it as a real social experience, integrating a hundred and twenty hours course that makes them generate social ventures proposals creating “causes” for social innovation and a four hundred and eighty-hour for hands on field work in the communities so they will be able to launch social ventures and develop skills to lead system changes searching for the common good through a life experience.

Olivia Alejandra Paredes Aldama Entrepreneurial Program Academic Director

Have you ever stop at the red light and have a young man cleaning your windscreen for a coin? Mexico is a contrasts country. Aware of people needs since high school I found an opportunity to make real my desire of changemaking by educating at UPAEP. Leading the process to become a Changemaker campus gave me a space to drive social innovation, to discover a passionate committed community inspiring, with their own work, Social Entrepreneurs with UPAEP´s style. When I redesigned the Entrepreneurial program I found a way to scale my personal social impact proposing the Social entrepreneur vocation to be formed at UPAEP and from it, I have had the satisfaction to be part of our Social leaders Life Projects.

Carlos Águila Cervera General Director of UPAEP Baccalaureate System

I truly believe that committed people can build a better world. I firmly believe in the power and impact of social entrepreneurship and social innovation to address many of the needs that our society claims us today. The starting point should always be: the permanent seeking of The Common Good, but not as the sum of the personal "goods" of individuals, but as the conditions for all society members to develop integrally. My experience is almost 20 years working in educational institutions and accompanying students in achieving their dreams. Nothing is stronger than the heart of a student who commits to achieve his/her dream, and this is part of my current responsibilities. My job is to help students to align their life plan in response to the needs of society. This is UPAEP's social leadership style.

Salvador Espina von Roehrich Solidary Social Commitment Department

I have been introduced in the topics of social entrepreneurship thanks to my job position. I have had the opportunity to study different social projects, many of them have make me feel very good, specially “Bet for the Future” because students from their communities encourage other students to get on board to support them. I believe we can promote social commitment and entrepreneurship among our students.

Ana Laura Domínguez Paredes Social Entrepreneurship Professor & Social Innovation Lab Coordinator

Radovan Pérez Restovi Social Service Impact Projects Coordinator

Juan Pablo Villarreal Bulnes Formative Director of UPAEP’s High Schools

Paola Ochoa Márquez Director for Empresas UPAEP

Angélica María Delgado Barrio de Santiago Project & its surroundings coordinator

Changemaker Campus

Launched in 2008, Ashoka offers the Changemaker Campus designation to leading institutions in social innovation education. These institutions share the vision for higher education to become the next global driver of social change by transforming the educational experience into a world-changing experience.