University of San Diego Changemaker Campus

The University of San Diego creates an ecosystem to foster compassion and to provide knowledge and capabilities for building a humane world. USD’s public purpose and collaborative approach is articulated through immersion experiences all over the world and community service learning engaging 1038 students, 82 faculty and staff yearly. USD pursues novel multidisciplinary approaches to developing empathy, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

In 2011, USD launched the Changemaker HUB, a campus-wide manifestation of USD’s mission and values, with the purpose of empowering and enabling everyone to be a changemaker. A main focus of the HUB is developing diverse venues from festivals to fellowships to competitions for the USD community to learn about themselves, to be inspired and to experience changemaking in action. Learn more about the Changemaker Hub by watching the video below:

Meeting Challenges Portfolio

The Meeting Challenges Portfolio unites and develops competition opportunities to generate ideas, projects and ventures across campus for addressing social issues at the local, national and global level. The “Changemaker Challenge” was launched in 2012 rallying students, faculty and staff to share video-ideas for a social issue presented by leaders of the San Diego community: reducing wasteful production and consumption; 1000 people participated in seminars and voted to select 4 best ideas. The Social Innovation Challenge, led by the Center for Peace and Commerce was created in 2011. In 2013, 114 students—graduates and undergraduates—from all schools at the university submitted social venture proposals; $42,000 was awarded to develop the projects.

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Changemaker FEST

The Changemaker FEST is a week in the early fall dedicated to exploring, defining and putting social change into action. In this student driven event the USD community becomes energized by an environment that encourages everyone to be a Changemaker. In diverse activities that include workshops, yoga sessions, conversations with social entrepreneurs, and a fun party, students learn about opportunities on campus ant the Ashoka U network and meet potential mentors for their projects. In 2012, 25 events took place and 1100 people participated through out Changemaker FEST.

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The Changemaker Journey at USD

Changemaking is a journey. With this in mind the Changemaker HUB developed the Changemaker Journey at USD that includes scholarship and fellowships to support and enrich the unique paths of students. In 2012, the HUB created the Changemaker Scholarship granting $75,000 in financial assistance to 23 students selected on the basis of financial need and essays about their Changemaking experiences and goals. In the spring of 2013, the HUB launched the Changemaker Summer Fellows Program selecting 9 undergraduate students seeking to spend the summer immersed in their own social change project. Each student received $2,000 and their projects ranged from teaching computer coding to a group of middle school girls in Tijuana to changing food disposal practices at USD.

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Patricia Márquez Director of the USD Changemaker HUB; Associate Professor of Management

Long time ago I got my Ph.D. in anthropology and when I returned to Venezuela, my country of origin, I received an invitation to join a business school. Surrounded by incredible colleagues committed to serve a country facing increasing chaos and disintegration, I began to realize the power of uniting the field of anthropology and business. The former expanded my sensibility and understanding of inequality and injustice, and provided me with theories and methodologies for interpreting everyday realities. As an anthropologist I researched the lives of street children and people working in the informal economy. In teaching leadership and organizational behavior I became more aware of the multiple opportunities for moving beyond diagnostics to crafting viable solutions to social problems.

Juan Carlos Rivas Assistant Director of the Changemaker HUB

Chris Nayve Director of USD Community Service Learning Advisor for Community Engagement, Changemaker HUB

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Changemaker Campus

Launched in 2008, Ashoka offers the Changemaker Campus designation to leading institutions in social innovation education. These institutions share the vision for higher education to become the next global driver of social change by transforming the educational experience into a world-changing experience.