Co-Curricular & Applied Learning

Resources Overview

The Co-curricular & Applied Learning Trend Call will be held on Thursday September 26, from 2-3:30pm EST.

To prepare for the call, please go through the resources listed below. The resources are listed in order of priority, so follow the list from top to bottom.

According to data collected by Ashoka U in 2008, 2011, and most recently in July 2013, the sheer growth of the number of centers, competitions, conferences, incubators and fellowships for social entrepreneurship has been astounding. Most university-based social entrepreneurship programming did not exist five years ago. The most common offerings in social innovation are still speaker series, competitions, and conferences. However, the current growth rate is highest for innovation labs, certificates, and Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence programs.

So on a deeper level, even as different types of institutions experiment with a variety of signature and emerging pedagogies for social innovation based on unique institutional strengths and capabilities, trends in co-curricular social entrepreneurship programming across the higher education sector seem to be coming into focus: Why has there been a rise in certificates and continuing ed programs in social innovation? And why have many institutions moved “beyond competitions” or broadened competition scope and engagement time to function more like fellowships or incubators? Across the board, how do institutions design effective pathways for students, faculty, and staff to explore and deepen their practice of social entrepreneurship and changemaking?