What We Do

Our Vision

Today’s rapidly changing environment is forcing society to ask if our current systems of higher education are doing enough to prepare tomorrow’s leaders and address tomorrow’s problems.

Ashoka U believes that colleges and universities play an important role in serving the needs of students, employers, communities, and the world. We ultimately envision a day when every college and university have changemaking embedded into their DNA and:

  • Cultivate students as changemakers with broad-based skills in systems thinking, empathy, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.
  • Employ problem-based and experiential learning approaches.
  • Invest in new structures and norms that increase multi-disciplinarity, cross-campus collaboration, blending of theory and practice, and integration with local communities.
  • Are adaptive, resilient, innovative, and collaborative organizations, increasingly breaking down traditional silos and hierarchies.
  • Create positive social and environmental impact by leveraging knowledge, assets, and resources to address local and global challenges.

What we do

Ashoka U advocates for all colleges and universities to embrace changemaking, both as an educational framework and as a strategy for institutional change.

Since our launch in 2008, we have enabled the strategic implementation of changemaker education for 500+ university and college campuses across 50 countries.

A changemaker education ensures that young people master and apply the core changemaker competencies of empathy, collaboration, creative problem-solving, and systems thinking. We believe it is the most effective strategy to prepare graduates of higher education to enter the workforce, and world, as agents of change.

Ultimately, as more and more institutions take up the mantle of changemaking, higher education will look dramatically different. This realignment from traditional institutional norms to changemaker institutional norms will allow higher education to further enhance its role as an essential pillar of society today and in the future.

Ashoka U invites campus changemakers to step out of their institutional corners and help lead in new, powerful, and more visible ways.

Ashoka U is an initiative of Ashoka, the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs.