About Us

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Our Work

We believe higher education should be about cultivating great humans who are ready to use their gifts for the good of all.  Ashoka U invests in the innovators who are pushing the boundaries of higher education and helping colleges and universities achieve this vision.

Our network is inspired by a future where millions of students are equipped as the confident, creative, problem-solvers the world needs.

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Strategic Direction

Over the next three years, Ashoka U will support higher education to address some of the most critical issues of our time: the climate crisis, toxic polarization, and growing inequality.

Our innovative network of campuses, through their combined knowledge and teaching resources, can equip the millions of changemakers the world needs to tackle these issues. From Chile to Canada, from rural liberal arts institutions to large community colleges, our network has the diversity and drive to develop novel solutions, and the reach to scale them.

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 Our Roots

Ashoka U started in 2008 as the higher education initiative of Ashoka.  Ashoka has been the home of changemakers for 40 years, working to transform cultures and institutions into places where changemakers thrive. Ashoka U builds on Ashoka’s incredible network of 3,500 Ashoka Fellows, and Ashoka’s leading insights in systems change and social entrepreneurship to transform higher education.

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Our Impact

Over the past decade, Ashoka U has helped to equip millions of changemakers.  These students have gone on to positively impact their communities and the world.  Read their stories.

We co-create impact with the Ashoka U community made up of over 5,000 higher education innovators across 500 campuses in 20 countries. Meet our designated Changemaker Campuses.

Our Core Values

Ashoka U is a community of changemakers in higher education.

We start by building self-awareness. We support learners to dive into their sense of purpose, their own experiences, biases, intentions, and impact.

We turn siloes into bridges. We blend disciplines, approaches, institutions, and cultures.  We break the disconnect with other species, and with our planet.

We thrive on being bold but thoughtful. We humbly question good intentions, while pushing ourselves to imagine that the impossible is possible.  We approach problems with systems thinking, and creativity while looking for every opportunity to spark potential in others.

We go beyond the classroom.  We believe in educational experiences that support students to create real impact on the issues they care about most.

We are changemakers in higher ed. We are guided by the idea that everyone can create change for the good of all. We bring that to life in classrooms, on campuses, in communities, and through our choices every day

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