Ashoka U on the Teaching Change Podcast


Why do learning outcomes matter?

Check out this 7 episode podcast series with Jerrid Kalakay from Teaching Change to hear from many of the contributors to our guide: Preparing Students for a Rapidly Changing World. 

The links below include both the podcast interview and, when available, the transcript of each episode. You can also find these episodes and and the Teaching Change podcast on Stitcher, iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Episode 38: Marina Kim, Executive Director, Ashoka U – Why learning outcomes matter for changemaking in higher education.

Episode 39: Hattie Duplechain, Research & Evaluation Specialist at Ashoka U – Trends in changemaker learning outcomes across higher education.

Episode 40: Molly Ware, Secondary Ed. Professor at Western Washington University – Using learning outcomes to facilitate mindset shift in your students.

Episode 41: Rebecca Riccio, Director of the Social Impact Lab at Northeastern University – Using learning outcomes to guide and support real-world learning.

Episode 42: Jacen Greene, Director of Impact Entrepreneurs at Portland State University – Using learning outcomes to engage community and drive iteration.

Episode 43: Rachel Maxwell, Head of Teaching and Learning Development at the University of Northampton – Using learning outcomes for institutional transformation.