Ali Fraenkel

Ali designs, manages, and builds community for Ashoka U's transformational learning and development environment - the Ashoka U Commons.

We’re placing a $10,000 bet on our team

$10,000 is a lot of money for us.  Ashoka U is not flush with cash.  Like every other non-profit we carefully guard every dollar we spend.  

But we’ve come to believe that betting on our team and investing in each person’s professional development will exponentially increase our impact.

 Over the past two years, we’ve also deeply supported the professional development of 134 higher education innovators.  Each of them has taken part in our virtual accelerator – the Ashoka U Commons.

Today we are opening up 30 additional spots in our Fall Commons cohort (Sept.15th – Dec.11th, 2017).

We launched the Commons because we saw far too many faculty and staff start up a cross campus changemaking initiative; launch an incubator, or design a new course – and then struggle. We were frustrated by how much passion was wasted on reinventing the wheel and diverted into common pitfalls.  

Through the Commons, you’ll skip over all of that.  You’ll get feedback from our experienced coaches. You’ll get access to the best practices we’ve compiled after eight years of doing this work. You’ll connect to a community of peers that will push your thinking. And those ideas that live on the side of your desk?  The Commons will help you turn them into a concrete and effective plan of action.  

Now back to what we’ve learned about investing in professional development – it’s all about the right opportunity at the right time.  So is the Commons right for you? I’m not sure – but we’d love to talk to you to figure it out.

Click here to book a 20 min. consult to discuss your learning needs and where things are at on your campus.  

You invest a lot to support your student’s on their learning journey. Don’t forget to also invest in your own.


Commons applications for our fall cohort close Aug. 1st. To get a look at the Commons web platform or hear from past participants sign up for our webinar on July 12th.