Emily Lamb

Emily manages the Changemaker Campus network, a collective of post-secondary institutions dedicated to making changemaking a norm in higher education.

2017 Ashoka Exchange Application Now Open!

“The Exchange and the community represented has always been so helpful for Watson (U). [It is] not only a lot of fun but also helps me learn so much and meet many great people in the field.”

Eric Glustrom, Founder & President, Watson U; Ashoka Fellow

We invite you to join us and hundreds of leading changemakers in higher education like Eric at the 2017 Ashoka U Exchange, co-hosted by Miami Dade College, on March 2-4, 2017 in Miami, Florida!



We believe there has never been a more urgent time than now to make changemaking a critical priority at colleges and universities around the world. As societies face some of the most complex and urgent challenges in our known history, everyone must be able and willing to contribute in meaningful ways.

In 2017 our program will highlight three pillars of leadership necessary to drive an “Everyone a Changemaker” movement within higher education.

This includes developing the leadership skills necessary to drive change, establishing premiere examples of changemaker education, and better understanding how institutions can establish social innovation as a critical field in higher education.

We welcome compelling presentation proposals under the following themes:

  1. Developing Individual Skillsets to Lead Transformative Change
  2. Learning and Implementing Programmatic Best Practices
  3. Advancing Social Innovation as a Field In Higher Education

All presentations must be submitted through the general Exchange application on Ashoka U’s application platform, MyAshokaU.org. The application includes questions requesting specific details about your topic. We do not request presentation abstracts. Learn more about the topics here.  


Ashoka U is thrilled to invite you to and your colleagues to submit a general application and/or session proposal for the 2017 Ashoka U Exchange, Ashoka U’s international annual convening of leading movers-and-shakers in higher education! We source over 75% of our content directly from participants.

Applications can be submitted on Ashoka U’s exclusive application portal, MyAshokaU.orgPresentations must be submitted by October 5. To apply, you must:

  1. First, create your “My Ashoka U” Platform Profile: You must complete/update your platform profile form, including your bio, organization, role, etc. This is part one of the Exchange application. You will be able to use this for all Ashoka U applications.
  2. Then complete your Exchange Application: Once you’ve completed your profile, you will be taken to the MyAshokaU.org homepage. Here you can access the Exchange application, located on the left side of your screen.  Once you select the Exchange application, you will then be directed to the last set of questions relevant to the Exchange.  This is part two of the application.                                                                      


As you consider applying to attend the Exchange, please make note of the following important dates:

August 1 – General & Presentation Application Launch

October 5 – Presentation Application Deadline

November 2 – Early Bird Registration Launch (for accepted applicants only)

November 16– Early Bird Registration Deadline (for accepted applicants only)

November 17 – General Registration Launch (for accepted applicants only)


Please note: Early Bird registration for the Exchange is $699, available from November 2 – November 16 2016. On November 17, the price will increase to $850. As always, we offer a limited number of student tickets at $475, available on a first come-first serve basis. Click here for more important logistical information.

For more information about the Exchange, please visit our website or contact Exchange Associate Director, Emily Lamb, at elamb@ashoka.org.

The Ashoka U Exchange is a premiere global gathering for movers-and-shakers in higher education. The Exchange connects diverse communities of leaders and highlights top models and methods that cultivate changemaking. The Exchange is a program of Ashoka U, an organization working to transform higher education into a tool for meaningful social impact and change.