Hattie Duplechain

Hattie Duplechain is Ashoka U's Research & Evaluation Specialist. She leads measurement efforts for the Ashoka U team.

3 Critical Questions Changemaker Learning Outcomes Can Help Us Answer

What does it mean to prepare a student to be a changemaker?

At Ashoka U we wrestle with this question all the time and see supporting that line of questioning as a key part of what we do. To that end, we believe it is important to help educators identify and develop learning outcomes for social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and changemaker education.

Learning outcomes shape what students will learn. And what the next generation learns will in many ways shape their ability to tackle our most pressing global problems.

Many educators, (perhaps even you?), are investing significant effort in developing learning outcomes for changemaking education. But as most of us don’t have a way to easily share them, only some pioneers have made their learning outcomes publicly available. We want to change that, and we need your help.

Over the coming months, Ashoka U will be collecting learning outcomes for social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and changemaking education from across the field. We will analyze those submissions and then share our findings with you!

With the help of your learning outcomes, we will all be better able to answer questions like:

1. Are there core changemaker skills that every student should master? 

Some leading educators have published their work on learning outcomes, and each collection makes a significant contribution to the field. A few examples can be found below:

However, we need many more examples to determine whether there are trends pointing to a standard set of skills that every social entrepreneur, social innovator, or changemaking student should master. We want to help you build and improve your learning outcomes based on the experience of many other educators across disciplines and programs. Your learning outcomes can help us get there.

2. How does changemaking relate to other fields and disciplines? 

Like me, you’ve undoubtedly sat in many conversations debating exactly what social innovation is or isn’t, and how it relates to social entrepreneurship, service learning, civic engagement, and other social impact fields. These debates are how any nascent field starts out. And while clear learning outcomes won’t give us all the answers, they will provide a critical piece of the conversation.

As we’ve seen in the development of other fields, having core learning outcomes helps to clarify what defines a field. With that comes more legitimacy, giving a field the backbone it needs to develop even further.

3. What is the impact of a changemaker education? 

Not only do we want clarity on what students should learn in changemaking education, but also how successful we are in helping students master changemaker skills. Measuring student outcomes is one of the best ways to do that.  Outcomes measurement also allows you to iterate and improve the learning experience you’ve designed and makes advocating for funding far easier.

So where do learning outcomes fit in? Right at the beginning.  Rigorous learning outcomes make evaluating the impact of a changemaker education infinitely easier and makes the whole process more useful to everyone involved.

Excited to get down to developing and compiling powerful learning outcomes? So are we.

If you have learning outcomes (no matter how early stage) and are interested in helping to shape our learning outcomes publication then let’s chat. Click here to choose a 20 minute slot to connect with me, Hattie Duplechain, the Knowledge and Evaluation Lead at Ashoka U.

In the new year we will be sharing the full submission guidelines so stay tuned.

And if you don’t have any learning outcomes yet but are keen to stay in the loop as this publication develops click here to let us know.