Beeta Ansari

Beeta is Ashoka U’s Exchange Director, the world’s largest global convening for social entrepreneurship education.


The Moxie Foundation and Ashoka U join forces to reimagine social innovation in higher education

Arlington VA (September 1, 2014)
The Moxie Foundation is partnering with Ashoka U to raise the standard and accessibility of social entrepreneurship programs at colleges and universities around the world. With the support of a $1.1 million gift from the Moxie Foundation, Ashoka U will embark on a new phase of global growth and expansion.

This partnership will bring together Moxie Foundation’s passion for creativity, collaboration and innovation with Ashoka U’s vision of systemic change, strategy and experience in higher education. Over the course of the next three years, Ashoka U and the Moxie Foundation will work in collaboration to further embed the skills and values of social entrepreneurship education across a greater faction of education institutions. Of course, even with this emphasis on global growth, Ashoka U will continue to remain committed to supporting and growing the Changemaker Campus network at the Ashoka U Exchange.

Together, Ashoka U and Moxie hope that this partnership will lay the seeds of lasting change to benefit future generations of students in helping them foster creativity and build the entrepreneurial skillset they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing world.

About the Moxie Foundation:
The Moxie Foundation is dedicated to enriching and empowering individuals and communities by advancing educational achievement and entrepreneurial success, personal health, and the environment. Some of Moxie’s partners include the Zahn Innovation Center at San Diego State University, The Moxie Center at University of California San Diego, The Zahn Center at City College, City University of New York, Center for Peace and Commerce at University of San Diego, and Education Synergy Alliance, San Diego. At these centers for innovation, students, faculty and staff get a chance to learn that, as Irwin Zahn says, “Innovation is not just an exercise in thinking about solving a problem. You do it. That’s the critical thing,” moreover, these centers foster student’s inherent creativity that, “if just given the opportunity and a little guidance, will change the world”.

About Ashoka U:
In a world that is changing faster and faster, students need a new skillset to succeed. Our global network of 150 colleges and universities is advancing an education that develops interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, and solutions-oriented skills. Ashoka U helps break down barriers to institutional change and fosters a culture of social innovation in higher education.

For additional information, please visit or contact:
Erin Krampetz, Co-Founder and Community Director
Ashoka U
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