Michèle Leaman

Michèle works with faculty, administrators, and students to change complex institutional systems to become more supportive environments for social entrepreneurship and changemaking.

Ashoka U Spotlight: Student Advice for how Universities can Support Emerging Student Changemakers

Submitted by Zach Yentzer & Brian McCollow of Arizona State University

1) “Mainstream”- Social Entrepreneurship (SE) as a field is still a relatively new concept, and students won’t automatically know what SE is or how to become involved. It needs to be brought to students at first in ways that impact our daily lifestyle, routine, interests, etc.

2) Foster boldness– Students who are encouraged to be creative & think past current paradigms to create new ones will become much more involved in SE than if they are forced to think within established boundaries.

3) Transcend traditional academic thought – Social Entrepreneurship is a field that transcends traditional academic silos and disciplines, and should be expressed in such a way to students. Students, if allowed to explore and innovate outside of traditional academia will be quicker to become and stay involved in SE.

4) Connect– Provide students with ways to connect with others who are investigating Social Entrepreneurship (in the field & on-campus) in order to facilitate discussions that develop student SE initiatives vis-a-vis networking and collaboration.

5) Provide a proactive support network – For students to become and stay involved in Social Entrepreneurship, they need to be encouraged, supported, and advocated for by a proactive network of supportive faculty, administrators, Social Entrepreneurship practitioners, etc. Students will become best involved in SE if they need not fear failure, but are supported in their exploration, successes, and potential imperfections.

About Zach Yentzer

Zach is a co-founder of Consortium for New Global Trade (CNGT). Currently a Sophomore at Arizona State University, Zach’s declared major is Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations (area studies in Russia, Eurasia, and Eastern Europe).

About Brian McCollow

Brian is also a co-founders of Consortium for New Global Trade (CNGT). Brian is currently a Junior at Arizona State University, with a declared major in Sustainability & Global Studies.