Rise of the Sophisticated Changemaker

By Marina Kim & Erin Krampetz, Co-Founders of Ashoka U 

Many of us are working as educators and practitioners to help students develop the mindsets and skill sets of changemakers, even if we use different names for this work. Each of our various educational approaches to social change—from civic engagement and service learning to social innovation and philanthropy—offers valuable perspectives and different strengths for addressing a spectrum of social challenges.

Marina Kim

4 Evolutions in Social Innovation Education Happening Now and the 4 Evolutions to Come

Over the past decade, there has been an incredible increase in student and institutional interest in social innovation and social entrepreneurship educational programs. This has implications that blend into the curriculum, co-curriculum, campus culture, institutional strategy, branding and PR efforts, budget and staffing plans, and often creates new Centers, Offices, positions and roles on campus. […]