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Beeta is Ashoka U’s Exchange Director, the world’s largest global convening for social entrepreneurship education.

Celebrating 2016: Ashoka U Year-In-Review

Dearest friends, colleagues, and supporters:

As 2016 comes to an end, the Ashoka U team is eager to pause and take a moment to celebrate…

We want to thank and celebrate our ever-growing community of individuals, institutions, partners, and allies who bring our shared vision to life. We thank you for embedding social innovation into your campuses, building community partnerships for social impact, and developing trust-based relationships as the backbone for all that you do.

We value, appreciate, and acknowledge your hard work and commitment every day, and your efforts continue to ensure that higher education can drive positive societal change and community empowerment.

We wish you a wonderful start to 2017, and hope it brings you new energy, inspiration, and collaborative opportunities. Below, we’ve shared some of the work and accomplishments in 2016 we’re particularly excited about.

With thanks for all that you do,
The Ashoka U Team

P.S. Your year-in-review highlights and stories are welcome! We encourage you to share, so we can celebrate alongside you. Reply directly to this message or use #AUYearInReview on social media.

Ashoka U Year-In-Review: 2016

This year we…

Welcomed Two New Changemaker Campuses

We are thrilled to welcome Central Queensland University (CQU), a public dual sector university in Queensland, Australia, and Wilfrid Laurier University, a public research university in Ontario, Canada into the Ashoka U Changemaker Campus network.

There are 37 Changemaker Campuses in our community. Learn more about the 37 institutions here.

Launched Impact Measurement Initiatives

In partnership with Dr. Julio Videras, Professor of Economics and Change Leader at Hamilton College, we have begun preliminary data collection about the impact of social innovation education and look forward to sharing more insights at the 2017 Ashoka U Exchange.

This is part of Ashoka U’s new initiative to better understand the impact of social innovation education across the Ashoka U network.

Received an Honorary Fellowship from the University of Northampton

Marina Kim, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Ashoka U, received an Honorary Fellowship from the University of Northampton for her work with Ashoka U advancing innovation and social impact in higher education.

Explored Changemaker College Admissions

Ashoka U, with support from the Moxie Foundation, surveyed campuses across the United States to better understand how and why universities recruit changemakers. As a result, Ashoka U published a white paper, “Rethinking College Admissions: A Social Innovation Approach,” which can be downloaded here.

Fostered A New Community for Changemaking Educators

We launched a brand new program, the Ashoka U Commons, and completed two sessions, with 57 participants from 33 higher education institutions.

The Commons is a transformative, online learning and leadership experience through one of six specialized cohorts. Each cohort is designed to advance a core element of an institution’s social innovation ecosystem. We also launched a special cohort in partnership with our colleagues in Ashoka Chile to focus on social innovation across Latin America.

Meet Our New Team Members

Ali Fraenkel, Manager, Commons

Ali is responsible for planning, implementing, and growing the Commons. She believes deeply in the creation of unique learning journeys, especially as they connect to the transformational role that institutions can play as leaders in the field of social innovation and in building stronger, more vibrant communities.

Angie Fuessel, Director, Changemaker Campus

Angie oversees Changemaker Campus selection, renewal, and network in support of field-level change. In this role, she works to identify exemplar campuses and enhance individual and institutional transformative capacity, while catalyzing and equipping teams of teams in collaborating to make social innovation synonymous with higher education. She draws from over 15 years’ experience working to foster effectiveness and transformation amongst individuals, organizations, and systems.

Danica Straith, Interim Canadian Director, Ashoka U

Danica leads Ashoka’s aim to make a changemaking education the new norm in the Canadian post-secondary system. Her efforts span the search and selection of new Changemaker Campuses to working alongside campus leaders on institutional change management.

Nimesh Ghimire, Manager, Changemaker Campus Renewal

Nimesh is responsible for designing, iterating and implementing the process of institutional re-commitment to social innovation education for Changemaker Campuses.