Angie Fuessel, EdD

Angie is the Director of Changemaker Campus and the lead for the Ashoka U Senior Leaders’ Experience.

First Colombian Institution and Two Additional Canadian Institutions Designated as Changemaker Campuses

Ashoka U announced today that three additional institutions of higher education have joined its network of Changemaker Campuses, expanding the network’s global presence to over 40 institutions across eight countries. The new Changemaker Campuses are Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración (CESA), a private business school in Bogotá, Colombia; Mount Royal University, a public institution in Calgary, Canada; and Simon Fraser University, a public research institution in Vancouver, Canada.

CESA is the first institution to join the Changemaker Campus network from both Colombia and South America. Mount Royal University and Simon Fraser University are the first and only Ashoka U Changemaker Campuses in Alberta and British Columbia, respectively. With their designation, the network now includes four Canadian institutions.

Guided by Ashoka’s vision for a world where “Everyone is a Changemaker,” Ashoka U collaborates with colleges and universities to break down barriers to institutional change and impact the education of millions of students. The Changemaker Campus program, launched in 2008, selects diverse institutions which represent higher education globally; have embedded social innovation and changemaking into their culture, programming and operations; and are committed to transforming the field of higher education through collaboration and thought leadership. To be selected as a Changemaker Campus, higher education institutions navigate a rigorous and transformational selection process including an ecosystem assessment scan, site visit, and in-person panel.

“The intent of the Changemaker Campus network is not only to recognize excellence in social innovation education but also to cultivate a dynamic community of campus partners who work together to make social innovation and changemaking the new norm across higher education,” said Marina Kim, Ashoka U’s Executive Director. “CESA, MRU and SFU not only add regional and institutional diversity to the global network but also bring unique perspectives and thought leadership, for example at the intersection of business and social innovation, in Indigenization as an active process of reconciliation, and in engagement and sustainability, respectively.”


Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración (CESA)

As a highly influential business school, CESA is at the forefront of defining the intersection of business and social innovation in Colombia, Latin America, and beyond. From offering excellent social innovation capacity building trainings for faculty, staff and students to deeply engaging with community partners and to collaborating across the Ashoka network in Colombia, CESA is accelerating changemaking both on and off campus. An active convener and collaborator, CESA is engaging stakeholders from the public and private sectors in Colombia to advance social innovation in education, business, and beyond.

See CESA’s press release here.


Mount Royal University (MRU)

With its roots as a community college, Mount Royal’s transition to a university comes with a deep commitment to an Everyone a Changemaker world. MRU’s institution-wide culture and commitment to accessibility and inclusion is reflected in its responsiveness to social issues and aims to build regional capacity for changemaking. MRU’s leadership to respond to Canada’s Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Recommendations is carving the way for a 21st century higher education that embeds indigenous ways of knowing and empowers some of our most marginalized communities.

See MRU’s press release here.


Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Established in 1965, Simon Fraser University was built on the idea of the “Radical Campus” during a time of “ferment and flux, when ideas about education were changing rapidly” (Radical Campus, 2009). Today, SFU is celebrated as Canada’s leading Engaged University and is redefining the relationship between community and university to amplify potential for social impact. From leading regional multi-stakeholder social innovation labs to embedding changemaker students in City Halls, to convening national senior leadership to advance social procurement across the university, SFU is accelerating changemaking in meaningful and impactful ways both regionally and globally.

See SFU’s press release here.