Tommy Tobin

Tommy is a recent graduate of Stanford University, where he earned the Deans’ Award for Academic Accomplishment and led the Stanford Project on Hunger to provide 100,000 meals for his community.

From The Top

Colleges and universities across the country are creating cultures of student social entrepreneurship at their institutions. Presidential leadership can play a key role. From Changemaker Campuses, Arizona State & Tulane Universities are prime examples of such vision.

Presidential Leadership at Arizona State and Tulane Universities

The Presidents of Arizona State University and Tulane University have both developed initiatives designed to nurture environments supportive of social innovation and entrepreneurship, galvanizing the call for changemaking across campus.

At ASU, President Michael Crow is building a New American University, with social embeddedness as a key plank. Specifically, President Crow is leading ASU toward creating an institution that is both meaningfully embedded in its community and entrepreneurial on all levels.  As shown on this map, entrepreneurship has truly permeated the university, and over $300,000 is awarded to students to launch entrepreneurial ideas through three seed-funding competitions. ASU aims to use entrepreneurship as a means to tackle local and global challenges and provides the resources, academics, and support to manifest this vision.

In post-Katrina New Orleans, Tulane University’s Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives aim to spark a social revolution, incorporating new talent and new opportunities to revitalize the battered city. Not only is Tulane hosting a speaker series on Social Entrepreneurship, social innovation challenges, action planning opportunities, and incubating institutes, the university recently established the Sacks Endowed Distinguished Chair in Civic Engagement and Social Entrepreneurship and Urban Innovation Fellowships.

Thanks to presidential-level buy-in and support, both Tulane and ASU have incorporated social innovation and entrepreneurship into their missions (and fundraising agendas). The TUChangemakers student catchphrase to “keep your coins, we want change!” can reverberate as a call to university presidents across the country to provide concrete opportunities, both curricular and co-curricular, for students to meet current social challenges with innovative and entrepreneurial thinking.