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Erin fosters the strategic development and growth of the Ashoka U community of practice with the goal of supporting colleges and universities everywhere to become hubs of social innovation.

Majoring in changing the world

Arizona State University, Duke University and Marquette University selected to join the Ashoka U Changemaker Campuses.

Colleges and universities teaching social entrepreneurship have quadrupled in the past decade. In 2004, 20 universities in the U.S. had a course in social entrepreneurship. Today there are nearly 100 academic institutions in the U.S. that offer courses on social entrepreneurship.

The increased interest is driven by the growing rate of social problems that require attention and the demand from college students who, now more than ever, seek to use their degrees to create meaningful social impact in the world. The adoption rate also signals a changing tide in higher education to remain relevant in a rapidly changing, global society.

Leading the pack are ten “Changemaker Campuses,” selected by Ashoka, a global network of 2,500 social entrepreneur practitioners, for their commitment – in most cases, from the President’s office – to set the global standard of excellence in social entrepreneurship education, thereby laying the foundation to train generations of future social entrepreneurs and changemakers.

Today, Arizona State University, Duke University, and Marquette University will join seven other colleges and universities – Babson College, College of the Atlantic, George Mason University, The New School, Tulane University, University of Colorado at Boulder, and the University of Maryland – previously chosen as leaders in the Changemaker Campus Consortium.

One of Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs, Jane Leu, after spending time on the Changemaker Campuses commented, “Universities are uniquely positioned to be huge players – maybe even the biggest players – in determining where social entrepreneurship goes, as a field of education, as a practice, as a way we live our lives”

Arizona State University joins the consortium as a recognized leader in entrepreneurship and that seeks to integrate social entrepreneurship into its New American University of 70,000 students. Duke University joins the Consortium as a pioneer in the field of social entrepreneurship and the seminal force that brought early academic legitimacy to social entrepreneurship education through its Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE), founded in 2002. Marquette University, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, builds on the strong tradition of the Jesuits as revolutionaries and changemakers, and plans to spark a movement throughout the Jesuit university network and across the Midwest, a region desperately in need of innovation and revitalization. All three universities exemplify the growing trend to teach social entrepreneurship at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, and to integrate the concepts of changemaking into the fiber of the entire university.

As a collective, the ten Changemaker Campuses represent 210,000 students, more than 14,000 faculty members, and nearly 1,000 years of educational tradition. Each Changemaker Campus has made potentially game changing commitments to reach a significant number of students with the message that they can be changemakers and social entrepreneurs, at events such as freshman orientation or through new undergraduate coursework and graduate seminars.

“Given the scale of the effort and the focus on social impact as the primary outcome, the potential pay-offs are enormous,” stated Marina Kim, Director of Ashoka U, the University Division of Ashoka.

The Changemaker Campus Consortium gathers in DC this weekend, to welcome new members Arizona State University, Duke University and Marquette University and to plan the upcoming year and innovations the group will pursue collaboratively to advance the field.

About Ashoka U & the Changemaker Campus Initiative

Ashoka U is the university division of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Ashoka U envisions a day when colleges and universities everywhere serve as an enabling environment in which each individual has access to the resources, learning opportunities, role models, and peer community needed to actualize their full potential as social entrepreneurs and changemakers. Through the Changemaker Campus partnership, Ashoka U draws on Ashoka’s 30 years of experience in social entrepreneurship and the experience of 2,500 leading social entrepreneurs to support campuses as they build programs that combine theory with practice. The Changemaker Campus Consortium includes Arizona State University, Babson College, College of the Atlantic, Duke, George Mason University, Marquette University, The New School, Tulane University, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the University of Maryland.

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