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#MillionsofChangemakers FAQ

With only 10 days left to submit your #MillionsofChangemakers commitment (the deadline is May 31st!), we wanted to answer some of the questions you’ve been asking.  I hope these answers will help you get your commitment over the finish line.

  1. The commitment I want to make is for something pretty small – impacting only a handful of students. Is it still worth submitting?

Yes!  Part of the reason why we designed the campaign the way we did was that we wanted to encourage commitments of all types.  We also value the depth of impact, not just scale.

  1. What will the reporting look like? How will you be asking people to measure their impact?

While a commitment is defined as something measurable, we have purposefully moved away from a single unifying metric that all commitments contribute to or are measured against. We want each individual, team, or institution to choose a metric that is meaningful in their particular context.

In Feb. 2020 we will be asking you to submit a progress update using the same metrics you originally submitted.  So if your commitment was to host X convenings, or have X students participate in a program, we’ll be asking you to report on how close you are to reaching the goal you set.

Depending on the commitments received we may also offer some training on impact measurement but this won’t be a required part of the commitment process.

  1.  Does my commitment need to fit within a 1-year timeframe?

While many people are submitting commitments focused on goals they can achieve within an academic year this is not required.  We’ve also received commitments in a three-year time frame. We encourage you to choose the time frame that is most relevant to the work you want to get done.

  1. How will you decide on the award winners?

We value the learning and inspiration that comes from making an ambitious commitment – one that pushes you beyond what you are certain you can achieve.  A large part of the award consideration will be based on how much progress you, (or your team/institution), have been able to make in a given year, and the value of the lessons you’ve learned in the process of working towards your commitment.  We encourage you to use #MillionsofChangemakers as an opportunity to think big and fail forward – using an ambitious goal to help drive and increase your impact.

5. Will I need to come to the Ashoka U Exchange to be considered for an award?  Will you cover Exchange registration?

While we will be announcing the awards winners at the 2020 Ashoka U Exchange you will not need to be there to be considered.  Unfortunately, at this point we can’t guarantee that we will be able to cover Exchange registration for award winners.

6.  How do I submit my commitment?

Submit here before the May 31st deadline.

Other resources:

Still have questions?  Get in touch with [email protected].

We look forward to being inspired by your commitment!