Michèle Leaman

Michèle works with faculty, administrators, and students to change complex institutional systems to become more supportive environments for social entrepreneurship and changemaking.

Growing Changemakers – Organic and Synthetic

We need more. Not just professional, recognized social entrepreneurs, but a critical mass of competent changemakers that will tip our culture to a new way of being and acting “where each individual has the freedom, confidence and societal support to address any social problem and drive change.

In a recent Huffington Post article, “Social Entrepreneur Shortage? Look Under-the-Radar,” Deron Triff, CEO and Co-Founder of Changents.com, discusses how plenty of social entrepreneurs succeed without the help of new support structures, such as social entrepreneurship education programs and organizations that identify and support social entrepreneurs. You just have to look for them!

Mr. Triff is responding to “Four Revolutions in Global Philanthropy,” a white paper authored by Maximilian Martin, Visiting Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Geneva and Faculty-in-Residence for Ashoka U’s Faculty Institute. Dr. Martin argues that we are faced with an exciting opportunity: the radical growth of impact investing has dramatically increased the demand for promising social entrepreneurs. Effective educational programs in social entrepreneurship must “synthetically” supply the next cohort of social entrepreneurs.

It is good news either way. There will always be tenacious, self-taught social entrepreneurs who are highly successful – entirely without master’s degrees in social entrepreneurship. But the point is that everyone could benefit from social entrepreneurship education. We need an Everyone a Changemaker world.