Jeff Cornwall

Professor Cornwall is the Jack C. Massey Chair in Entrepreneurship at Belmont University.

Social Entrepreneurship Summer Camp

When social entrepreneurship first emerged on college campuses the conventional wisdom was that it was probably best suited for graduate students. Any undergraduate program, it was once thought, would have to educate students about what social entrepreneurship is before it could ever hope to attract students.

Those of us with social entrepreneurship courses are seeing that this is not the case. We see students coming right from high school with a definitive goal of becoming social entrepreneurs.

The University of Florida is seizing on this awareness by offering a summer camp for high schools students interested in social entrepreneurship. The UF Young Entrepreneurs for Leadership & Sustainability summer program gives college bound high school students the opportunity to live, work, eat, and play on the campus of the University of Florida for five weeks each summer while learning about entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, being inspired to solve social problems, and practicing sustainability. The goal of the program is to empower students to become leaders and changemakers.