Yanniz Valadez Cortés

My Hobby is Design, My Passion is Changemaking

This blog is part of Ashoka U’s Student Changemaker Stories: a campaign bringing together diverse student changemaker perspectives to shift the narrative around what it means to be a changemaker and who can be one – on campus and beyond. Each story concludes with a note of gratitude and call-to-action from the author. The questions running through my mind […]

Danielle Barbeau

Stacey Williams on the Disruption Needed in Higher Education: Breaking out of the box

This is the second in a series of posts featuring Ashoka U Exchange participants discussing “Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education.” This week we feature Stacey Williams, Graduate Student, M.A. Higher Education Leadership in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES) at the University of San Diego (USD). When asked about her personal definition of […]