Roshan Paul

Prior to The Amani Institute, Roshan has worked at Ashoka Innovators for the Public for more than seven years, helping create five new programs and managing two other global projects.

The Crisis In Higher Education

From the Amani Institute blog.

If you’ve been reading the news much in America this past year (or talking to me at all), you’ve likely heard about the current crisis in higher education. And the doomsayers are no light-weights. They include The Economist wondering if American universities will become like its car companies, The Washington Post predicting the decline will more likely mirror newspapers, and if you like your news delivered via guru, Seth Godin flat-out predicts a meltdown.

And that’s just for starters. Seriously. Google “crisis in higher education” and you’ll see what I mean.

But why? In this brief RSA-style video, Anya Kamenetz elaborates some of the reasons.

What do you think? Is higher education a bubble about to burst? Are American universities as we know them endangered? This is a topic we’ll come back to from time to time.