Jessica Lax

Increasing Ashoka U's breadth of impact

What commitment will you make?

In February we launched our #MillionsofChangemakers campaign. We announced four pioneer commitments from higher education innovators. Collectively they committed to activating and equipping more than 2000 changemakers.
We know that number is about to get a whole lot higher.
Since the #MillionsofChangemakers launch we’ve talked to many of you (and hope to talk to many more). You’ve shared some incredible commitments as part of this campaign. Many of the initiatives you are committing to are not only changing the student experience, but also your institutions and higher education as a whole.
We look forward to releasing the full list of commitments this June (after the May 31st submission deadline!). In the meantime, here are some examples of the themes emerging. We hope they help you to determine your own #MillionsofChangemakers commitment.
1) Co-curricular events, certificates, and internships
Many of you are committing to changing the student experience. You are committing to launching internship programs that connect students with social impact organizations, hosting thought provoking events, and creating new ways for students to connect to a wide variety of changemaker initiatives on campus.
Simon Fraser University’s Changemaker Campus Manager commits to hosting and/or partnering on three distinct community events and speaker series targeting 100+ SFU’s students, staff, faculty and community members to further grow and activate the institution’s changemaking ecosystem in the 2019/2020 fiscal year.
The University of Northampton’s Changemaker Hub commits to supporting 300 students to achieve the Changemaker Certificate by 30th June 2020 – having each student explore a social problem in detail and propose a solution.
2) New courses & new course pathways
A number of you have committed to launching new curricular experiences focused on social innovation, changemaking, or integrating these elements in the core curriculum.
Agnes Scott College commits to offering a Master of Arts degree in Social Innovation, beginning with a Fall 2019 inaugural class, with the goal of graduating a minimum of thirty students by the end of the 2020-2021 academic year.
3) Integrating Changemaker Learning Outcomes
We’ve also been excited to see the number of commitments focused on integrating changemaker learning outcomes. This builds on the work featured in our most recent publication – Preparing Students for a Rapidly Changing World: Learning Outcomes for Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, and Changemaker Education.
Texas A&M International University, commits to integrating changemaker learning outcomes into 50% of the Trailblazers Co-Curricular Program, with the goal of having at least 50 students lead a changemaking project by the end of 2020.
Additional themes from commitment conversations include:
  • initiatives that help students design a changemaker career path,
  • changemaker programs offered in partnership with high-schools and middle schools,
  • conferences that talk about the application of changemaking in a certain discipline
  • platforms that build student awareness of the many changemaker offerings on campus
  • impact measurement research on the effectiveness of changemaker education
  • and initiatives that help students work with, and learn from, changemaker students in other disciplines.
See something here that resonates with your plans for next year? Is there an initiative you are launching or expanding that could use more visibility?
Submit your commitment here to be eligible for the #MillionsofChangemakers Ashoka U awards and get the opportunity to learn from others doing similar work.
Deadline for submissions is May 31st.
To learn more check out the commitments guide, sign up for one of our upcoming virtual design sessions, or reach out to [email protected].

With thanks to Pegah Djamzad, Abi Wicks, Laquita Blockson, and Jazmin Gibeaut for leading such interesting commitments and stepping up.