Transforming higher education into a tool for social innovation

#AUX2020, co-hosted by University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, will take place on April 16-18, 2020.

The Exchange is Ashoka U’s global gathering for social impact educators. Every year, we bring together 650+ faculty, staff, administrators, students, and thought leaders for three days of inspiration, learning, and community building for social innovation and changemaking education.

The Exchange is more than just a conference. It’s a home for creative problem solvers, learners, listeners, and visionaries.  The values that guide our community are: 

  • Belonging. We are a home for changemakers and a support network of visionary thinkers.
  • Optimism. Where others see problems, we see the spark of a new idea.
  • Inclusion. We seek out & respect diverse voices to uncover the best opportunities.
  • Generosity. We are here for each other, eager to listen and share.
  • Courage. We’re not afraid of unorthodox ideas because they’re inherent to progress.
  • Respect. We recognize the right of every attendee to feel safe, heard, and valued at the Exchange. We are all part of this community together and all voices matter.

Ashoka U Exchange Playlist