Transforming higher education into a tool for social innovation!

The 9th annual Ashoka U Exchange “Beyond Boundaries and Borders: Expanding Possibilities for the Future of Higher Education” will take place on February 21 – 23, 2019 in San Diego California. It will be co-hosted by University of California, San Diego.

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Please note that all ticket prices below are for non-student participants. Ashoka U reserves a limited number of tickets for student participants at $475. Once sold out, the student ticket price is $699.

*We are offering a limited number of scholarship tickets. For more information communicate directly with Luciana Goles,

The Ashoka U Exchange is a 3-day learning lab, testing ground, space for celebrating innovation, and spark for the collaboration of 700 of educators, students, and other higher education professionals from across the world.

It’s a home for creative problem solvers, learners, listeners, and visionaries. Despite our diverse roles, experiences, and background we share the vision: We must rewire our colleges and universities to enable, empower, and catalyze changemakers across our institutions.

The 2019 Exchange is designed to reinvigorate your work as a changemaker educator and connect you with a community of others who share your same passion and vision for a changemaker world. 

The Exchange is more than just an event, it’s a community. Together, we create a culture of:

  • Belonging. We are a home for changemakers & a support network of visionary thinkers.
  • Optimism. Where others see problems, we see the spark of a new idea.
  • Inclusion. We seek out & respect diverse voices to uncover the best opportunities.
  • Generosity. We are here for each other, eager to listen & share.
  • Courage. We’re not afraid of unorthodox ideas because they’re inherent to progress.
  • Respect. We recognize the right of every attendee to feel safe, heard, & valued at the Exchange. We are all part of this community together & all voices matter.

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