We want the Exchange to be created by the community and for our community, and each year, the Ashoka U Team continues to explore how to amplify the many voices of the Exchange. 

To join us on this journey, we work closely with the Agenda Council, Student Council, and Advisory Council to produce content and create an agenda that is most reflective of our community. To learn more about these Councils, see below. 

Agenda Council

The Exchange Agenda Council is an instrumental partnership to deliver an Exchange that is value-based and community-centered. The Council leads with an equity and inclusion lens to ensure that the content represents the diverse needs and interests of the growing social innovation education community.  

More specifically, the Agenda Council works side-by-side with the Ashoka U team to achieve the following goals: 

  • Inclusivity:  In prior years, community colleges, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), community partners, indigenous communities, and international/non-North American perspectives were under-represented at the Exchange. By leveraging the networks of the Agenda Council, we aim to authentically and thoughtfully work through the process of remedying past oversights. 
  • Value Alignment: The Exchange is an influential platform that is value-based, and through required speaker/facilitator orientation, we work to ensure that presenters are aligned with the Exchange’s values and are equipped with skill sets necessary for holding safe spaces at the conference. 
  • Accessibility: We want everyone to engage and enjoy without hindrance. It is paramount that we continue to improve accessibility and inclusion throughout the Exchange experience for all, whether virtual or in-person. 

2021 Agenda Council Members

Gabriel Fernandes Cardoso  – Coordinator of Entrepreneurship Education and Social Innovation Programs, UDF University Center


Stephen Dooley  –  Executive Director, Surrey  Campus, Simon Fraser University


Angelou Ezeilo –  CEO, Author, and International Environmental and Equity Consultant


Lisa Gring-Pemble – George Mason’s School of Business Associate Professor; Co-Executive Director, Business for a Better World Center


Araseli Lara – Exchange Manager, Ashoka U



Stephen Magu – Assistant Professor of Political Science, Hampton University


Jerrid P. Kalakay – Professor of Business and Organizational Leadership, Valencia College


Evelyn Rodriguez  – Director of Campus Support Services, Miami Dade College


Hillary Scanlon – Founder & CEO, Sustainability Through an Inclusive Lens​


View the full Bios of the 2021 Agenda Council here.

Student Council

The Exchange Student Council helps Ashoka U select content with the student experience in mind and with the goal of creating a highly valuable experience for student attendees.  

More specifically, the Student Council will work with Ashoka U to achieve the following: 

  • Content Selection: Create, curate, and select content that will be featured on the 2021 Exchange Student Track. 
  • Value Alignment: Ensure that selected content honors Ashoka U’s values and practices of equity and inclusion 

2021 Student Council Members

 Vivian Chen, ​ Arizona State University​



 Floriberto Gallardo Vázquez, UPAEP



 Egette Indelele, ​George Mason University



 Emily Klassen, ​University of San Diego​



Dustin Liu, ​Harvard



 Adali Flores-Mendoza,​University of St. Thomas



Advisory Council

The Advisory Council will serve dually as partners and advisors to Ashoka U to build, expand, and reimagine how we can fortify community development for the Exchange. As Ashoka U continues to evolve, it is a priority to be intentional about our connection with the Exchange community and the role we play in the landscape of our higher ed networks. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of the council, we hope to create effective mechanisms to effectively engage the community throughout the year and during our annual Exchange.  

2021 Advisory Council Members

 Pooja Addla Hari – Strategic Research Analyst, Arizona State University


Lauren Burrows– Education & Inclusion Coordinator, Brantford Centre for Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Wilfrid Laurier University


Samantha Fleurinor – Senior Program Coordinator, Tulane University: The Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking


Luciana Goles – Director of Youth, Ashoka Chile



Saleha Khumawala – Robert Grinaker Professor of Accounting; Founding Director of the SURE, University of Houston​


Charmaine Lyn Director of Changemaker Education, Ashoka Canada



Vincent Odhiambo – Regional Director, Ashoka East Africa