Code of Conduct

At the Exchange, and on all of our platforms, we put our values into practice by creating a space that has zero-tolerance for discrimination, exclusionary practices, and harassment of any form. We expect all attendees to engage one another respectfully and ethically, helping to ensure an environment that is safe and accessible to all.  

 As part of the Exchange community, you commit to:

  • observing the values and putting them into practice to the best of your ability
  • being mindful of each other’s boundaries (physically and psychologically)
  • sustaining an environment that is free of prejudice of any kind

Ashoka U aspires to build a community structured by its values. We rely on each member of this community to use good judgement and practice integrity in all interactions, for ourselves and the Exchange.  

Should you personally experience or witness any violation of our Community Code of Conduct, in person or virtually, we encourage you to either fill out this anonymous form or reach out to a member of the Ashoka U team immediately.