Changemaker Education Forum

The 2017 Changemaker Education Forum, taking place during the Ashoka U Exchange, will guide participants on a journey to surface and amplify high-impact innovations that unlock, reward and embed changemaking as a core tenant of our modern education system.

Over the course of the three days, session topics will cover teacher education, professional development, and support. Please note this is an invitation-only special event led by the Ashoka Start Empathy team and select Ashoka Fellows taking place on March 2-4, 2017 in Miami, Florida.

A Renewed Vision for Education: 2017 K12 Changemaker Education Forum

Ashoka believes every child must master empathy to truly foster an “Everyone a Changemaker” world. But with such a grand vision, systemic transformation is necessary to foster an educational environment that doesn’t just assess a student’s success by a reading or math score but by the level of understanding and care towards another.

The exciting part is that this belief is starting to take hold across the globe.

In line with this vision, the 2017 Forum will bring together a diverse community of leaders from Schools of Education and school districts as well as policy makers, philanthropists, and influencers in national education networks. The group will spend three days uncovering ways to collaborate and amplify the impact beyond an individual’s work.

Agenda & Schedule of Events

Thursday, March 2 – Hilton Downtown 
9:30am – 10:30am Opening Keynote
11:00am – 12:00pm Forum Framing* (David Bornstein, Ellen Moir, Ashoka Youth Council)
12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm – 3:00pm Experiential (Megan Marcus, Jane Ehrenfeld)
3:00pm – 3:30pm Play (Imran Khan)
3:30pm – 5:15pm Work (David Castro)

Friday, March 3 – Hilton Downtown
9:30am – 10:30am Keynote #2 *
11:00am – 11:30pm Spotlight (School District Leaders)
11:30am – 12:30pm Experiential (Dana Mortenson)
12:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm – 2:30pm Experiential (continued, Dana Mortenson)
2:30pm – 2:45pm Play (Vipin Thekk)
2:45pm – 4:45pm Work (David Castro)
4:00pm – 5:00pm Spotlight (Changemaker School Leaders)

Saturday, March 4 – Miami Dade College
10:00am – 11:00am Closing Keynote*
11:30am – 12:30pm Mini Experiential (Elizabeth Cushing)
12:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm – 2:00pm Spotlight (Changemaker School Leaders)
2:00pm – 3:00pm Mini Work (David Castro)
3:00pm – 4:00pm Closing (w/play)
4:30pm – 5:30pm Closing Celebration*

* sessions open to larger Exchange audience

Get to Know the K12 Changemaker Education Forum Design Team

The 2017 Forum agenda design team includes four Start Empathy Ashoka Fellows:

Megan Marcus, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer, FuelEd. FuelEd equips educators with the social and emotional competencies essential for building relationships in schools.

Jane Ehrenfield, the Executive Director, The Center for Inspired Teaching. The Center for Inspired Teaching is shifting the role of the teacher through transformative teacher training, building a future in which children are not taught what to think, but how to think.

David Castro, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Leadership Education, Advancement, and Development, Inc. (I-LEAD). I-LEAD is a Pennsylvania nonprofit school that has served as a force for community leadership development since 1995.

Dana Mortenson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of World Savvy. World Savvy partners with educators, schools, and districts to integrate global competence teaching and learning into classrooms for all middle and high school students.