Exchange Highlights

On this page you’ll find the signature features that make the Exchange one of the top gathering places for social impact educators. Check them out!

Networking Lounge – Take some time to connect with other attendees in the Networking Lounge, housed in the center of the conference. The Lounge will be open and available for you throughout day one, day two, and day three of the Exchange.

Exhibitor Hall – Looking for leading organizations in the field? Look no further than the Exhibitor Hall, which features interactive booths through day one and two. Learn how to become an exhibitor here.

Community Lunches – Looking to find people who share your interests? Community Lunches are small discussions, taking place during lunch on day one and two, about fun, interesting topics you won’t find on the agenda. Each lunch if lead by a selected facilitator. No pre-registration required.

Peer Huddles – At first glance the Exchange is BIG. But the layers are being peeled away with our Peer Huddles! Exchange participants can sign up to be part of a Huddle of 5-8 people including a Peer guide. Huddles will meet 2-3 times throughout the Exchange to check-in, debrief, and make the most of the time together.

Best Practice Sessions – Best Practice sessions are the bread-and-butter of the Exchange, featuring 3-4 speakers, often from different institutions, as they discuss the “how to’s” of social innovation education. They each offer a variety of audience engagement opportunities including Q&A, breakout groups & discussions.

Site Visits – San Diego is a hub of social innovation. This year we’ve lined up a number of site visits, in partnership with University of California San Diego, to showcase the inspiring work happening around the city.

Keynotes – Our keynotes ensure you start each day of the Exchange centered and inspired. You can count on visionary speakers in social innovation. Previous keynote speakers include Parker Palmer, Bill Drayton, and Ashoka Fellows. Stay tuned for our keynote announcements!

Big Idea Talks – Big Idea Talks are inspiring stories of innovation in just 12 minutes. In each talk you’ll hear 3-4 stories, all united by a general theme.

The 2019 Exchange will also feature multiple pre-day activities and special tracks. Learn more here