Exchange Highlights

On this page you’ll find the signature features that make the Exchange one of the top gathering places for social impact educators. Check them out!

Site Visits – The Twin Cities are home to a community of richly diverse voices. In partnership with the University of St. Thomas, we’ve lined up several Site Visits to help elevate some of the community’s unique voices that are working towards the common good. Learn more here. 

Exhibitor Hall – Looking for leading organizations in the field? Look no further than the Exhibitor Hall, which features interactive booths through day one and two of the Exchange.

Want to put your organization at the center of it all? Reach out to Araseli Lara at for more details.


Peer Huddles  At first glance the Exchange is BIG. But the layers are being peeled away with our Peer Huddles! Exchange participants can sign up to be part of a Huddle of around 10-12 attendees, including a Peer guide. Huddles will meet 2-3 times throughout the Exchange to check-in, debrief, and build a community within a community.

Interested in joining or leading a peer huddle? Contact Araseli Lara at for more details.


Keynotes Our keynotes ensure you start each day of the Exchange centered and inspired. You can count on visionary speakers in social innovation.



The 2020 Exchange will also feature multiple pre-day activities and special tracks. Learn more here.