Sought After Sessions

This year, we’ve been working with extended team members, key partners and advisers, and our 2020 Agenda and Student Councils to ensure the content represents the diverse needs and interests of the growing social innovation education community.  

Through these collaborative efforts, Ashoka U has crafted the following Best Practice sessions (75 minutes) to help guide key conversations at the Exchange:

Equipping Future Changemakers – As we move into a rapidly changing world, where information is easily accessible and in which the future is uncertain, equipping students with technical knowledge of their fields is no longer enough to prepare them for life after graduation.  Panelists will discuss promising tools to better prepare students, including project-based learning, frequent real world applications, education of the whole person, and impactful career guidance.

Decolonizing Social Innovation – Our history of colonization deeply affects social innovation work. This panel will deconstruct the white savior complex and discuss best practices for humanitarian projects, including centering native communities, focusing on capacity building, and avoiding using historically underinvested communities as a learning tool.

Ethics and Changemaking Education –  Due to the unintended consequences of modern technologies on human lives, ethics is recognized as a crucial part of STEM education. However, ethics tends to represent the prevention of serious harm rather than putting social good at the center of the work. How does changemaking overlap with ethics, and how do we integrate these into STEM education in a way that equips students to grapple with the human and environmental consequences of their work?

Research for Changemaking in Higher Education – Changemaking is still emerging work in higher education. Research is critical for understanding the design, efficacy, and impact of social innovation and changemaking both in the classroom as an educational approach and across the campus as an institutional change approach. Panelists in this session will share how they are approaching research about social innovation and changemaking in higher education, what they are finding, and opportunities to make findings actionable on campus.