2019 Exchange Speaker Guide

Congratulations to all of our 2019 Exchange speakers! The following guide is intended to provide information for each step of the process as we move from selection to your presentation. We will be completing the information in this guide shortly.

You can also reach out to Emily Lamb at any point at elamb@ashoka.org if you have questions or require assistance.

Table of Contents:

Best practice and workshop overview

Overall session details

Planning Timeline & Deliverables

Presentation and Slides

Speaker Resources

Room Set Up

Onsite Support

Mobile App


Best Practice & Workshop Orientation Overview

 Overall Session Details

  • Session timings are as follows:
    • Best Practice sessions, Workshops, and Big Idea Talks – 75 minutes
    • Community Lunches – 60 minutes
    • Spark Sessions – 30 minutes
  • Majority of the rooms will be in rounds of 8-10.
  • We Provide: Screen, projector, laptop (at Paradise Point at UCSD), mics, post-it notes, 1 easel pad, pens, 20 markers
  • You Supply: Mac adapters, all extra session materials
  • Ashoka U will not review your slides ahead of time. Please upload directly to Event Mobi, our mobile event app (link coming soon) February 20
  • We ask you to share presentation materials before the session. We will not preload to computers.


Planning Timeline & Deliverables

  • January 4, 2019: Deadline for final title, description, learning outcomes, and speakers*
  • February 20, 2019: Deadline for final presentation materials (PPT) on Event Mobi
  • February 21-23, 2019:  Ashoka U Exchange in San Diego*

*Ashoka U recommends speakers meet 1-2 times before the Exchange to plan an engaging, productive, and supportive session.


Presentation & Slides

Session Information – Title, Description, etc.

The title, description, learning outcomes, and speaker information (name, title, organization) is due January 11. Please send to Emily Lamb, elamb@ashoka.org. See example below:


Your presentation must be posted on the Event Mobi app by February 20. There is no formal review process by Ashoka U, however, we ask that you refrain from including any sort of promotional language or tone in your session. Best Practice and Workshops should focus on skill building, knowledge sharing, and  connecting opportunities in the audience.

Additional Materials
You may share supplemental materials as part of your sessions on the mobile application. Examples include worksheets, resource guides, etc. that reinforce your session or add value to your topic. Ashoka U will not print or produce any materials for your session.

Slide Requirements
You can use your own template or use the 2019 Exchange PPT template slides. Below we’ve included slide guidelines:

  • Dimensions: 16:9
  • File Type: Powerpoint or PDF (the computers provided at Paradise Point on Feb 21-22 are PCs)
  • Branding: We do not require you to use Exchange branded slides. Please create your own slides to match the tone and voice of your session.
  • Please include the following slides:
    • Title Slide: Title of presentation, Date, Speakers
    • Closing Slides: Speakers and contact information

Sharing Materials
We do ask that you share your presentation materials with attendees before your session on the mobile application. Please email Emily Lamb, elamb@ashoka.org, your slides no later than February 20 so the Exchange team can upload on to the mobile site. The subject line should read: “Session Resources: name of your session”.

Speaker Resources

Ashoka U is dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming, and accessible experience for everyone. We encourage all speakers to review the following guide with resources and guiding questions, to help presenters prepare and present their best selves.

Land Acknowledgement

We invite you to begin your session with a recognition the history of the land and indigenous peoples who first inhabited the land. As recommended by a partner, we invite you, as part of the acknowledgement, to state why it is important to the work of your organization and then state why it is important to you/your panel personally. Here is a great resource about offering land acknowledgements provided by our partner as well.  Below I’ve included information about the land where the Exchange will take place, written for us by staff at the Barona Cultural Center:

We would like to acknowledge that the land upon which the 2019 Exchange is part of the Kumeyaay/Diegueño Peoples’ traditional territory that spanned from the ocean to the desert & into what is now Baja California, Mexico.  They have lived on this land since time immemorial.  We honor their existence, & their success in adapting to waves of newcomers to this land.

Room Set-Up

All rooms will have include the following:

  • Rooms will seat between 60-80
  • 2 Mics – One Handheld (wireless) Mic & One podium Mic
  • Projector & Screen (HDMI Connection)
  • Computer provided (at Paradise Point on Feb 21-22), Computer NOT provided (at UCSD on Feb 23)
  • Post-It notes, 1 easel pad (no easel), pens, 20 markers
  • Your facilitator will bring your presentation on a flash drive. They will NOT be pre-loaded on the computer. If your session does not have a facilitator, please coordinate with the other speakers to determine who will bring the presentation.
  • In addition to the above setup
    • Best Practice sessions and Workshops will have a panel table at the front of the room with four chairs.
    • Community Lunches will take place in the keynote ballroom. You will have a specific table letter assigned to your talk.
    • Big Idea Talks will have a stage setup. You will be set up with a lav mic in advance of your talk.

Any additional materials needed beyond what is listed above will need to be provided by the presenters. We do not have the ability to accommodate individual requests for other materials or specialized room setups.


Onsite Support

Prior to Session
Ahead of your session, you can always visit the information or registration desk and they will be able to answer your questions.

Session Support
At the time of your session, you can look for any of the following if you need support with any of your room setup (projector, mics, etc).

  • Room Monitor Volunteers: there will be a volunteer assigned to your room who will be there when you arrive. They will have a volunteer badge and can help with any last minute needs.
  • Exchange Staff: Will be coming around to rooms as well to check on presenters. Staff will also be at registration.
  • AVMS: AVMS is handling all A/V for the Exchange. They will also be onsite to assist with any A/V needs.

Onsite Printing

There is extremely limited onsite printing at the hotel and on campus. The Computer Center has only one printer that will charges a fee for both the length of time used and per copy. Please print any materials before the conference.


Mobile App

Make sure you take the time to download Event Mobi before the conference, as it is a great way to build your agenda, connect with other attendees and make sure you get any timely updates. All session materials should be uploaded to Event Mobi by February 20th. Available on iOS and Android (link forthcoming).