Working Across Differences Track

Colleges and universities are increasingly becoming lightning rods for the most polarizing issues in society. Some of the most critical challenges of our time, from divergent political ideologies and perspectives on gun violence, policing, immigration, discrimination, and racism to overall systemic inequality, bring conflicting opinions to the table and often create deeper divides. The chasms experienced by society at large are reflected in the debates and struggles on university campuses. Even the most well-intentioned people struggle to find the language, skills, and processes for working across difference. In this track, sponsored by the Fetzer Institute, we’ll explore pedagogies, practices, and methodologies changemaker educators are bringing to the table, big and small, to uplift cultures of understanding among aspiring changemakers on campus and beyond.

This 1-day track will take place on the first day of the upcoming Ashoka U Exchange, taking place on April 16 – 18, 2020.

More details coming soon!