“Since we’ve done this program we’ve had close to a dozen African universities asking us to replicate it for them. We are looking to create the competencies within the local African university where we are working, to be able to move and to seed this program into other universities.”

ALTIS Joint Venture MBA – 2012 Awardee

The ALTIS Joint Venture is a social entrepreneurship MBA program that provides students from more than a dozen countries in Africa with the opportunity to use their management discipline knowledge to create a robust business plan that they present to partners and investors in Nairobi, Kenya for potential launch.

Are there any results or metrics you would like to share?

Since ALTIS won the Cordes Innovation Award, from the two editions of the MBA in Social Entrepreneurship Track have been completed and 64 potential entrepreneurs have graduated.

This does not simply mean “diplomas”, but 64 individuals coached to be social entrepreneurs who have had the possibility to present their completed business plans to impact investing funds, venture capitalists, private equity, banks, and international funding organizations.

In February 2013, the Export Processing Zone Authority – EPZA of Kenya entered into a partnership with ALTIS and Tangaza College of Nairobi. This partnership is aimed at building upon the MBA in order to create a system of business incubators to support local Kenyan entrepreneurs and link them with potential partners in Italy and Europe.

Thanks to the experience in Kenya, we will be offering a similar program with the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology in Accra, Ghana beginning in October 2013.

How can people become involved in or replicate your innovation? 

Our program can be replicated with other English speaking African universities. We are currently developing and Executive Edition that will have a significant portion of course hours on line thus rendering it less costly to offer. We would entertain interest from those universities interested in hosting the course,

In Kenya, we’re now recruiting entrepreneurs for the third edition, officially starting on June 3 2013. With the incoming Program, we’re moving from a full-time to an executive formula, which blends classroom and distance learning in order to allow participants to build or run their businesses while putting into practice what they learn from the course.

Cordes Innovation Awards

In partnership with Cordes Foundation, Ashoka U seeks to recognize globally relevant teaching, learning, and partnership practices that may be adapted and replicated across the field.