“The faculty and students can learn not just through books but from actual engagement with social entrepreneurs in the field…What I’ve learned in 10 years of doing this work is that for us to truly succeed we all have to be engaged and we all have to be in it together. There needs to be alignment. Our work in the field has worked because our organization and the entrepreneurs that we support are aligned to try to achieve social impact for the beneficiaries.”

Center for MicroConsignment – 2011 Awardee

The MicroConsignment Model at the University of Miami is an emerging social entrepreneurship model that aims to not only advance social change by aligning the resources of the university with local entrepreneurs and practitioners but also to elevate the quality of the academic field of social entrepreneurship.

Cordes Innovation Awards

In partnership with Cordes Foundation, Ashoka U seeks to recognize globally relevant teaching, learning, and partnership practices that may be adapted and replicated across the field.