Omprakash EdGE (Education through Global Engagement) is setting a standard for ethical, community-centered, and impactful global learning in higher education.

EdGE Program (Education through Global Engagement) – 2018 Awardee

Omprakash works at the intersection of technology, higher education, and international development to create mutually beneficial relationships between universities and grassroots social impact organizations around the world. Over 180 organizations in 40+ countries use their platform to recruit talent, raise funds, and connect with each other.

Community-based social impact organizations around the world (‘Omprakash Partners’) use the Omprakash platform to recruit volunteers and raise funds. Students use the platform to find international volunteer and internship opportunities, raise funds, and receive accredited online training and mentorship which helps them disrupt paternalism and strive for more radical social change.

The EdGE program provides a comprehensive ecosystem of resources and support services to help universities and organizations develop their own customized service-learning and internship programs. This includes: global internship opportunities within the Omprakash Partner network described above; travel logistics tracking and admin management; customizable pre-departure training classrooms to help students reflect more seriously on the ethical implications of their work and prepare for conducting community-based research; personalized mentorship; embedded program evaluation forms; a blog and digital research repository, a tax-deductible crowdfunding platform, and more.


Program Design

How long did it take to launch the first iteration of this program?

  • 9-12 months

How much annual funding do you receive for the program?

  • Near to $5,000

The key players, strategists and supporters involved in creation and implementation include:

  • Faculty
  • Administrators
  • Students
  • Community members

The program is designed to impact:

  • Students
  • Community members



Omprakash, in their partnerships with universities helps them make their changemaker ecosystems both broader and deeper – broader in the sense that the affordability of the EdGE program and the diversity of their network allows a wider range of students to access global learning experiences; deeper in the sense that the program enables students opportunities for deeper immersion and more rigorous critical reflection than they would find elsewhere.

The EdGE impact is measured in several dimensions:

  • Program accessibility
  • Student learnings
  • Impact in Partner organizations
  • Impact on partnering universities and on the broader higher ed sector

Trends suggest that students return to their universities more focused, motivated, and committed to long-term engagement with global issues of poverty and inequality. Omprakash is gaining wide recognition, presenting at conferences; publishing program evaluations in peer-reviewed journals; and winning several awards.


For more information, contact:

Willy Oppenheim

Founder & Director, Omprakash

[email protected]

Innovation Awards

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