Global Citizen Year – 2013 Awardee

Global Citizen Year provides a world-class “bridge year” experience to high school graduates from diverse backgrounds who exhibit exceptional leadership potential. In 2012, Global Citizen Year launched a groundbreaking partnership with The New School. Accepted students participate in Global Citizen Year’s intensive 10-month service learning and entrepreneurial leadership training program in the developing world while earning credits for up to a full academic year of college. Participants are simultaneously enrolled at The New School, and in addition to Global Citizen Year’s curriculum they complete assignments designed by The New School faculty. The program enables students to receive 30 credits towards graduation, thereby placing them on track to begin their on-campus college experience as sophomores. This inaugural college partnership advances Global Citizen Year’s aim to re-envision the transition into college, and to do so in a way that can be replicated and adapted on a national scale.

How can people become involved in or replicate your innovation?

Global Citizen Year is actively seeking college partners that share its vision for a new generation of service-oriented Americans equipped with the global perspective, entrepreneurial skills and grit needed to succeed on college campuses and lead in a fast-changing world. Earning academic credit for a global bridge year after high school is one of multiple strategies Global Citizen Year is pursuing to catalyze a paradigm shift in higher education. Today, the organization is developing models around joint admissions and financial aid with a broad range of colleges. Additionally, through its public policy and media efforts, Global Citizen Year is changing cultural perceptions about how best to prepare young leaders for success in college and their careers. For more information see Global Citizen Year’s website.

Cordes Innovation Awards

In partnership with Cordes Foundation, Ashoka U seeks to recognize globally relevant teaching, learning, and partnership practices that may be adapted and replicated across the field.