Post Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management – 2017 Awardee

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The Post Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management from the Amani Institute is a hybrid online and in-person experience that holistically equips aspiring changemakers with tools to make a sustained impact in the world.

The Certificate program takes place over nine months in emerging markets or “hub cities” such as Nairobi, Sao Paulo, and Bangalore. The program is open to individuals from any nationality, age, and socio-economic class with a shared desire to make social impact through their work.

The certificate operates under four frameworks:

  1. New teaching methodologies: Amani prioritizes experiential, practical, and reflective, group work. Making an impact is hard, and individuals need to train accordingly for it – like a doctor or Olympic athlete would train. Much of the learning at Amani Institute is outside the classroom, through social innovation projects, field trips, and internships.
  2. Flipped Global Approaches: Emerging markets today represent the frontier of social change. And yet, most of the best educational institutions are in highly developed societies. Amani flips that dynamic by intentionally locating their classrooms in places where the world is changing most rapidly – emerging markets like Brazil and Kenya.
  3. Skills for the 21st Century: Amani focuses on building core professional skills like leadership, communication, creativity, and management, all of which taught by expert practitioners from the top of their respective fields. The faculty has included a Nobel Peace Prize co-laureate, the former head of leadership development at McKinsey, an award-winning documentary producer, heads of global impact investing firms, and more.
  4. Inner Journey of the Changemaker: Social impact work places demands on the whole self, not just the “9-to-5” professional self. The Amani Institute helps future leaders begin a long-term conversation with themselves— to understand the journey they are on, lead themselves, and stay resilient in the long run.

Program Design

How long did it take to launch the first iteration of this program?
• 9-12 months

How much annual funding do you receive for the program?
• $10,000 – 14,999

The key players, strategists and supporters involved in creation and implementation include:
• Staff
• Faculty
• Students
• Alumni
• Community members

The program is designed to impact:
• Faculty
• Students
• Community members


The impact of the Post Graduate Certificate program is tracked and measured on the individual, organizational and ecosystem level:

  1. Individual impact: The Amani Institute measures how many of their graduates go on to work in jobs with social impact. In the first four years of the certificate program, 175 individuals from more than 40 countries graduated. 75% of them went on to work in the social sector, and another 10% continued on to private sector jobs with a new mindset oriented towards sustainable business. The remaining 15% either pursued further academic studies or took time off to travel. Of those in the social and private sectors, 35% pursued social entrepreneurship and 65% pursued intrapreneurs. They measure all the alumni data through surveys conducted every six months.
  2. Organizational impact: They measure how Amani Fellows increase the impact of the organizations they work at, both during their apprenticeships as part of the program after.
  3. Ecosystem Impact: Amani considers the increase in both quantity and branding of university programs that are incorporating their methodology or approach as a measure of their impact. Through 2016, Amani sparked partnerships with eight colleges and universities. This level of impact also incorporates increases in social media and website traffic, prestigious speaking invitations, media coverage, and so on. In the last 3 years, the program has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and Vanity Fair, among others.

For more information, please contact:
Ilaina Rabbat
Executive Director, Amani Institute

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