The COGS Toolkit (Changemaker Outcomes for Graduate Success) is a landmark initiative for measuring learning outcomes specifically for changemakers, making it clearer and easier to embed social innovation education across any discipline.  

The COGS Toolkit (Changemaker Outcomes for Graduate Success) – 2018 Awardee

The COGS toolkit supports the writing of assessable learning outcomes that explicitly supports the development of Changemaker attributes within 305 undergraduate programs that are comprised of 1512 distinct modules. These cover:

  • 10613 students physically studying at Northampton campuses
  • 1687 students studying at partner institutions in the UK
  • 1059 students studying at partner institutions across the world

It guarantees every student’s entitlement to engage with the Northampton’s ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ initiative within their studies. They achieve this through embedding Changemaker skills and attributes within assessed learning outcomes, by establishing them as fundamental to every academic program and by requiring evidence of explicit student engagement with taught and assessed elements.

The toolkit enables the staff to write ‘Changemaker Learning Outcomes’ that are structured, scaffolded and assessed over the duration of the academic program. Thoughtful flexibility is key for COGS. Each learning outcome is appropriate to the level of study and is adapted to the relevant subject discipline, making it clear to students what they have to do differently in respect of each attribute as they progress.


Program Design

How long did it take to launch the first iteration of this program?

12+ months

How much annual funding do you receive for the program?

Near $5,000

The key players, strategists and supporters involved in creation and implementation include:

  • Staff
  • Faculty
  • Administrators
  • Students

The program is designed to impact:

  • Faculty
  • Students



The COGS toolkit will continue to strengthen and enhance Northampton’s ability to support students to develop the requisite employability skills they need to succeed in securing graduate-level employment. The toolkit is now a core feature of all institutional programme (re-)design and development work.

Feedback on COGS in the UK and overseas points to its high impact and high value for staff and students. Graduates from Northampton are equipped to function as Changemakers in their employment and across all areas and strata of society, directly addressing the transformational mission of the University.


For more information, contact:

Rachel Maxwell

Head of Learning and Teaching Development: Policy and Practice, University of Northampton

[email protected]

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