Session 2: Defining a Strategy and Mobilizing Resources (June 6)

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Special Guest

Matt Flannery @mattflannery

Co-founder and CEO,

Required Readings


Flannery, Matt (2006). “Kiva and the Birth of Person-to-Person Microfinance.” Innovations (2:1/2): 31-56.

Austin, Rob (2006). “Kiva as a Test of Our ‘Societal Creativity.’” Innovations (2:1/2): 57-62.

Flannery, Matt (2009). “Kiva: Four Years After” Innovations special edition for Skoll World Forum 2009: pp. 31-56.

The Power of Pull: Chapter 2-3.


First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy:

Online: Identifying shared areas of interest; forming teams.