Session 6: Lean Startup Methodology (June 20)

Tune in at 7:30pm EST on Wednesday, June 20. If you are on a device that does not support Flash, you can listen along at the mobile link.

You can follow along with our guests’ presentation at

Special Guest

Marc Nager and Franck Nouyrigat, co-founders Startup Weekend

Lecturers: David Miller and Michael Youngblood

Required Readings

Lean Startup: Part II


Eric Ries: The Lean Startup: Innovation through Experimentation

The StartUp Weekend

Deadline: You should have started or comleted your first Wikipeida entry or enhancement. See Expectations section in the syllabus. For Guidance See:

Alternative Readings:
Eric Ries “Creating the Lean Startup”

Steve Blank “What is a Startup: First Principles”

Alex Osterwalder, ‘What is a Business Model”