About the 360 Campus Scan

The Scan is an inventory tool designed as an empowering experience and structured process to assess the changemaking ecosystem at your institution, catalyze deeper commitment among your allies, generate new insights and ideas about what could work at your institution, and get feedback, recommendations, and comparative institutional case studies from Ashoka U. This evaluation tool can be used to leverage Ashoka U’s aggregated insights from working with dozens of institutions on how to accelerate social innovation education at your institution.

While our frameworks are always evolving, we’ve found that conditions for successful campus change include the following three areas:

  • Create: People to ignite change
    • Change Leader: A faculty or staff member who sees it as their mission to advance changemaking and social innovation education at their institution.
    • Change Team: A committed, inter-disciplinary group of students, leaders, faculty, administrators, staff and community members who help grow and strengthen the campus-wide ecosystem for social innovation.
  • Build: Ecosystem components
    • Curriculum & Research: Academic opportunities, through courses, majors, minors, course series, and research, for students and faculty to engage in scholarship around social innovation.
    • Co-Curricular: Experiences for students to engage in social innovation outside of class through hands on experiential learning opportunities.
    • Community & Culture: A culture on campus that supports, encourages, and demands changemaking and innovation from students, faculty, and staff alike.
  • Support: Stabilize for growth
    • Senior Leadership Support: Support from the President, Provost, and other senior academic leaders.
    • Coordinating Structure: An overall vision and formalized structure to support social innovation throughout the entire institution.
    • Staff: Staff time specifically dedicated to advancing social innovation cross-campus.
    • Resources: Financial resources available to support the growth of social innovation.

The cost of the 360° Campus Scan is $4,000. As a part of the 360° Campus Scan, you will receive one orientation call, two 1-hour interview calls, and a final 1-hour presentation, which reviews the analysis and recommendations that emerged from your institution’s completed scan. Because the 360° Campus Scan also involves organizing a number of internal campus conversations, the 360° Campus Scan takes about 3-6 months to complete.

Interested in learning more?

You can download a printable one-pager about the 360° Campus Scan here.

More information about our criteria can be found here.

For more information, or to begin the scan, please contact Beeta Ansari at bansari@ashoka.org.