Cornell University Changemaker Campus

In Cornell’s 2010-2015 Strategic Plan plan, the university asserted five key objectives, of which one was a renewed commitment to Excellence in Public Engagement.  Relatedly, the university has articulated eleven learning goals, which apply to undergraduates and graduate student learning alike. These goals include, but are not limited to, critical thinking, self-directed learning, engagement in the process of discovery, multicultural competence, and civic engagement. In early 2011, Cornell was recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as one of the country’s leading “Institutions of Community Engagement” because of the depth of its many community research partnerships and the breadth of its civic engagement opportunities for students, faculty, and staff across the university.

Education and research in the areas of social entrepreneurship and innovation are informed by this commitment to public engagement. Hubs for this activity include:

Changemaker Campus

Launched in 2008, Ashoka offers the Changemaker Campus designation to leading institutions in social innovation education. These institutions share the vision for higher education to become the next global driver of social change by transforming the educational experience into a world-changing experience.