Portland State University Changemaker Campus

With 30,000 students, Portland State University is Oregon’s largest and most diverse public university, located in one of America’s most progressive cities. Our motto, “Let Knowledge Serve the City,” reflects our belief in the power of the university to affect real change: generating knowledge, testing ideas, and refining and applying solutions to real-world problems. The next generation of solutions requires unprecedented collaboration across disciplines and between scholars and practitioners. This is where we shine. Our 50-acre campus serves as a vibrant living laboratory for innovation and community-based learning. A university-wide capstone program ensures that all students work with the broader community to tackle civic, social and environmental challenges. Signature programs include: Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Sustainable Water, Energy and Environmental Technologies Lab, and Impact Entrepreneurs.

Changemaker Campus

Launched in 2008, Ashoka offers the Changemaker Campus designation to leading institutions in social innovation education. These institutions share the vision for higher education to become the next global driver of social change by transforming the educational experience into a world-changing experience.